If My Mind Can Conceive It & My Heart Can Believe It,


- Muhammad Ali

High Performance Programs


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Brought to you by amateur Olympic-Style boxer, Anatolyy Mykhayletskyy, Off-The-Ropes Boxing classes are 1 hour and suitable for all fitness levels. These... Read More

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Muscle Run is a unique training system that incorporates strength training with running. Lead by our very own seasoned marathoner and trainer Jo-Anne Sheffield, this... Read More

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Warrior Women Fit

Brought to you by professional MMA fighter, Melissa Karagianis, Warrior Women Fit classes are 45 min and suitable for all fitness levels. These classes are fun... Read More

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High Performance Massage (RMT)

At Kingsway Boxing High Performance Studios, we specialize in sports and advanced massage & bodywork therapies focusing on the needs and goals of Toronto's active... Read More

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Personalized Training Programs

One of our trainers will sit down with you to determine your boxing or personal fitness goals. This might be sport specific training, weight loss, muscle gain or recovery... Read More

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HIIT Conditioning Program

HIIT Conditioning incorporates interval training, functional fitness, strength training and stretching and is suitable for all fitness levels. These classes are head to... Read More

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Fighting-Fit For Guys

This is a program tailored toward mature men who would like to improve their overall health and fitness level.  To achieve this, we use a combination of floor exercises... Read More

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Fusion-Fit Women ONLY Programs

Are you looking for the motivation to get your body and mind in shape? Do you want to keep your energy level in high gear this summer? Join Colleen Layug; one of... Read More

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Powerful Teens Girls Fitness

Powerful Teens Conditioning Program for Girls, is brought to you by our fitness guru Colleen Layug. This program focuses on improving the function of both the mind and... Read More

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High Performance Yoga

Yoga provides athletes with training and tools that will allow them to excel in their chosen field. This 1 hour pilates inspired class will target the abdominals, back... Read More

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