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Kingsway Boxing Club operates from two locations: the Boxing Gym and our High Performance Studio, both situated in the west end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We effectively manage competitive boxing programs at the Boxing Gym and offer a range of strength, fitness, recreational, and high-performance athletic programs at both the Boxing Gym and our new High Performance Studio. Additionally, our Virtual Boxing Club extends accessibility to individuals worldwide.


Kingsway Boxing Club offers private, semi-private and small group training. Book in with a boxing coach to learn the essentials of boxing, or to get the best workout of your life. If you’re looking for a workout that incorporates weights and overall fitness, our roster of coaches are also nationally certified personal trainers. Practice your skills for the duration of the package with access to our Boxing Gym Location during ‘Open Training Hours’.





Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) began in the NFL and later reached other sports such as NHL and rugby. It is a pain-free assisted stretch system that assesses and improves restrictions in the body helping you with performance, injury prevention and pain reduction. We are super excited to have Melissa introduce FST to our KBC members.

Who should consider FST?

  • Dealing with chronic back pain: Chronic back pain is often a result of muscle tightness, joint stiffness and lack of mobility. FST can put an end to your pain by restoring mobility and function.
  • Regularly train: Recovery is key to training and FST improves blood flow to tired muscles resulting in less soreness and quick recovery!
  • Active lifestyle: FST can help you better your running pace, life heavier weights, increase flexibility and shoot up your endurance.
  • Dealing with an old injury: Your therapist will help you with your range of motion allowing your body to slowly get rid of unwanted compensations.

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Maintaining regular massage therapy appointments at our High Performance Location can be incredibly beneficial. Increasing lymphatic drainage, improving circulation, eliminating or at least reducing bodily pains, increasing joint mobility, and lessening the effects of muscle tension are just some of the ways that massage therapy can help.

Massage therapy is used to treat both chronic and acute conditions, such as shoulder and neck tension, headaches, soft-tissue sprains, spinal pain, sports injury.



Holistic Nutrition is a well-rounded natural approach to ensuring our bodies have everything they need to function, not only properly, but optimally. Our program works as a catalyst for individuals to learn the best way to not only fuel their own bodies, but also to heal themselves, and create lifestyle shifts to bring about an optimal way of moving through the world. Holistic Nutrition Program: More Information

Sports Nutrition is about fueling your body to enhance your strength, endurance and stamina. Our program works to give you the skills you’ll need to elevate your performance naturally, through wholesome foods. Nutrient deficiencies can seriously impair proper functioning but improving what you eat can help delay fatigue and enhance sports performance. Sports Nutrition Program: More Information

Our programs are highly individualized based on our belief that no diet is appropriate for everyone. With keeping your unique biochemistry in mind, we tailor a specific plan for you that is based on your eating and lifestyle habits. This means, that while we focus on the health supporting aspects of your plan (detoxification, food intolerances, acid-alkaline balance, food combining), we also take into consideration your likes and dislikes, daily schedule, stress level, etc.



Want To Join A Program That Has Already Started?

The classes below are an updated listing of all programs currently running at both locations. If you’ve missed the original start date, the enrolment may have amortization options available.

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For the first time ever, Kingsway Boxing and Beaver Boxing are partnering up as a fully operational virtual boxing club!

Offering recreational, special needs, technical and even competitive classes, this will be the first time members of both gyms can benefit from the sport in an online format. Both gyms have been staples in the Boxing Ontario family, with Beaver Boxing being one of the longest standing clubs in Canada! More Info

Are you ready for an intensive visit from our Internationally and Nationally-Certified Coaches!?

Our virtual school boxing program gets your class out of their seats and off the ropes as we break down the essential components of boxing and fitness.

Our school physical education program is easily accessible to grades 1 – 12. The program is appropriate for all fitness levels, recreational sports enthusiasts, or even those who haven’t been out from behind their digital screens or off the couch in a while!  More Info

Kingsway Boxing presents our exclusive Corporate Training and Team-Building Program!

This package gets your team off the ropes as we break down the essential components of boxing. Forget PowerPoint…this is power punch time!

Our corporate team building program is easily accessible to the average recreational sports enthusiast, or even to those who haven’t been out from behind their Facebook pages or off the couch in a while! More Info

Calling All Members! Roadwork Sessions Are Available Spring, Summer & Fall.

This will be conducted outside of our facility in a “Meetup” format (This is not a monitored class; athletes are given the drills before the warmup run and are expected to execute as a team) More Info

Off-The-Ropes Sports Team Training

This intensive program will be led by Boxing Ontario Nationally-Certified Coaches and Personal Trainers. The program was developed to incorporate the specialized skills of Olympic-Style Boxing with plyometric and callisthenic training. More Info

Introducing Self-defence Workshops

A combination of discussion, with practical physical skills results in an integration of mental and physical preparedness.
Techniques are designed for participants of all ages, sizes, and abilities. More Info


We successfully run competitive boxing programs out of the Boxing Gym, and host a variety of fitness, recreational and high-performance athletic programs out of both the Boxing Gym and our new High Performance Studio. We are now accessible worldwide through our virtual private and group training. Also checkout our On-Demand options!