Personalized Training Programs

One of our trainers will sit down with you to determine your boxing or personal fitness goals. This might be sport specific training, weight loss, muscle gain or recovery from an injury. Whatever your sport-specific or personal fitness goals are, our trainers will design a program to help you achieve it. Our coaching team consistently reviews your progress and make any changes necessary to your program based on your notes and feedback.

Looking for something not quite as expensive as one-on-one personal training? Semi-Private and Group Training makes a great alternative.

Let’s recap.

  • Sit-down to determine your specific fitness goal
  • Customized workout program by one of our certified personal trainers or National Boxing Coaches
  • Access to open gym time to practice your skills and train independently
  • Access to open gym time all day to book your sessions based on your schedule
  • Trainers will review your progress and make adjustments where needed

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FTEC Charity Boxing

Founded in 2011, the Fight To End Cancer has raised nearly $1.5 million dollars, in support of cancer research, with proceeds going directly to the the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Featuring a new group of white-collar men and women each year, with no prior boxing experience, Fight To End Cancer’s annual black tie gala concludes months of their intense training, in true Olympic-style boxing, and hard work in achieving personal fundraising goals. Fight To End Cancer has quickly grown to become a premium fundraiser and showcases these brave individuals, as they lace up their gloves and step into our ring to help knock out cancer.

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Boxing & Cross Training Workshops


Kingsway Boxing specializes in creating programs catered to the individual needs of our clients.  We pride ourselves in not charging a membership to those who are only looking for individualized training. In addition to a wide array of predetermined boxing programs, we also offer the following services:

  • Semi-Private or Private Training: Are you looking for a more personal approach to training that fits your schedule?  With packages starting as low as $30 per session, this is the perfect option for you!
  • Group Training: This option is great for groups of 3 or more people who are looking to train at the same time.
  • Sports Team and Athletic Cross-Training: These programs are uniquely customized to the individual sport. Specializing in both outdoor and indoor training, these programs are ideal for increasing strength, agility and overall success in your sport.
  • On and Off-Site Boxing Workshops:  Kingsway Boxing presents Sport Team, School and Corporate Workshops include an intensive visit from our Nationally Certified Senior Coaches  Boxing Ontario Nationally Certified Coaches and assisted by licensed competitive boxers.This package gets your students/employees on the mat as we break down the essential components of boxing.   Forget homework…this is punch time!

    This program is easily accessible to the average recreational sport enthusiast, or even to those who haven’t been out from behind their Facebook pages or off the couch in awhile!  Our program is structured to systematically demonstrate and participate in the technical, offensive and defensive aspects of boxing with fun, energy, and confidence.

    You are guaranteed to benefit from this program’s ability to sharpen focus, build teamwork and improve your students’ confidence.

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Exclusive FightCamp Program


Kingsway Boxing presents “FightCamp”. This 1-day intensive camp is lead by Boxing Ontario Nationally Certified Coaches, Officials and assisted by licensed competitive boxers. FightCamp was developed to fast track students to learn the essentials of amateur boxing in a safe and effective manner. The program has been used by the average recreational sport enthusiast, all the way up to the elite boxer looking to further their skills in the sport. Open to men and women, we will give you the chance to learn, improve or test your skills as an Olympic style boxer.

Once you complete this camp you will qualify to train in the competitive and recreational boxing programs offered by Kingsway Boxing. You will also qualify to acquire your Amateur Boxing license through Kingsway Boxing Club. Being licensed under the sanctioning body of Boxing Ontario will allow you to compete at the amateur level. You will also receive a complete FightCamp Handbook outlining each component along with structured workouts to help you perfect your skills.

Program Options

Landscape Plus

Helmed by Jim Mosher & the Mosher family; Landscape Plus Ltd. has been designing and installing beautiful landscape oasis’ for their clients and establishing itself as a staple in the Greater Toronto landscaping community, since its inception in 1984.

Landscape Plus Ltd. has been a proud supporter of the Fight To End Cancer since its inaugural year in 2012. With each passing year, Mr. Mosher & the entire Landscape Plus Ltd. team have continued to increase their sponsorship commitment to our cause. They make it their mission to give back to the community where they can and are particularly strong believers in Fight To End Cancer’s ultimate vision of knocking out cancer in our lifetime.

In Mr. Mosher’s own words on why community support, especially supporting Fight To End Cancer, means so much to both himself personally and to the company, as a whole:

Jim Mosher, President Landscape Plus Ltd.
Jim Mosher, President
Landscape Plus Ltd.

“Community support has been a big part of Landscape Plus Ltd. culture for the past 30 years. Giving back and stepping up for various charities and school causes has always been part of who we are. Each day I have the great pleasure of being surrounded with quality people who infuse their work with creativity, vision and passion. The atmosphere is one of dedication, support and respect. Dovetailing these qualities with a cause as noble and worthy as the Fight To End Cancer is a perfect fit.”

RG Speed

RG Speed Control Devices is a proud supporter in the Fight To End Cancer.

Through our partnership with FTEC and community organizations, we are going to go the distance to knock out this horrific disease.

Down and Out!!

Down For the Count!! 

Join us, add to the purse and weigh-in against cancer.


Combustion is a kick-ass creativity-fuelled training company that transforms people so they can transform their organizations.

We’re proud to be sponsors and supporters of the The Fight to End Cancer because it doesn’t just raise funds for Princess Margaret critical Cancer research, it challenges people to put their fists where their hearts are and show their solidarity with Cancer sufferers in a very real and inspiring way. Combustion President Leslie Ehm stepped into the ring for FTEC in 2015 and our entire team went through the incredible journey from training to ringside with her. We were all blown away by the passion, commitment and integrity of the fighters, trainers, and organizers and our hearts will always be with this amazing event and charity. Fists up! Together we can beat the crap out of Cancer!

Battle Of Magicians

Presenting the talents of Comedy Magician Ray Anderson and International Magician Richard Forget, The Battle Of Magicians tours Canada entertaining audiences of all ages.

We are proudly supporting the Fight To End Cancer, with a portion of every ticket helping to raise funds in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. In addition to the funds we raise through ticket sales, to make it even more interesting, each battle show between Richard Forget and Ray Anderson will showcase a friendly competition to see who can raise more funds in the Fight To End Cancer. Our goal each show is to raise $500 each.

We look forward to seeing you at The Battle Of Magicians show when it magically appears at a theatre near you!

Kingsway Boxing Club

Defeat is not an option… this is our club’s motto as we organize our team to do battle in the only way we know how. This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate our strength of character, and at the same time, to give back to the community around which our success has been built. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation has played a fundamental role and has been an essential part of all of our friends’ success stories. Kingsway Boxing Club looks forward to supporting one of the community’s most integral research foundations.

TIP TOP Tailors

This coming June 4, Tip Top Tailors will embrace a cause we are so very proud to support for the second year in a row—the Fight to End Cancer Charity Gala benefitting the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Many of us have been affected by cancer in some way—a friend, a family member, a colleague or a neighbour may even be struggling with cancer right now.

Tip Top Tailors has a rich heritage of serving Canadians for more than 100 years, and one of our greatest strengths is our incredible team of progressive, loyal and committed people. Our associates across the country have always rallied tirelessly around our fundraising efforts, with Movember being our most recent initiative. Our involvement helps create a brighter future for our families, our friends and our communities.

As an Event Sponsor, we look forward to a many more years of triumphs and success stories in our continuing support of the fight to end cancer—a battle we can all win together.