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- Muhammad Ali

Beginner Muay Thai Program

August 20, 2019
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Brought to you by professional MMA fighter, Melissa Karagianis, Beginner Muay Thai Program is a 60-minute coed Muay Thai class. You will be taught beginner to intermediate techniques. Muay Thai is known as the science of eight limbs meaning you use your shins, fist, elbows, and knees.

Throughout the six-week program, you will learn proper striking technique, improve your cardio and full-body conditioning.   This class is fun, interactive and challenging.

BONUS – All will get a free access membership to our Boxing Gym Location during open training hours for the duration of the program!

  • The Workout: The  beginners Muay Thai Program is filled with fun boxing and Martial Arts drills. These classes will include a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement exercises. You will get EVERYTHING you need!
  • Time Efficient Training. Our classes are 60 minutes in length. Get you in and get you out. We keep you moving and burning fat from the first minute to the very end!
  • NEVER Plateau! The body hates change! It would much rather do the same thing every minute of every day. Well, we have news for you…when you do the same exercise routine day in and day out you stop seeing results or “plateau.” Throughout our classes, we utilize the principle of muscle confusion. You will NEVER do the same workout twice! Why is this good? Because…your body will never adapt and you will never plateau! You will get results and they will come quick and continue to come!
  • Positive Energy: Our programs are about a team environment where both your trainers and fellow teammates motivate and challenge you to reach your highest potential!
  • KBC Family: Make new friends and become a part of the Kingsway Boxing – Muay Thai Family! Everyone supports each other and it’s an experience like none other. Come and see for yourself! Get fit and have fun!

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