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- Muhammad Ali


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Team KBC, along with the rest of the world, is working hard to adapt to the situation.
We are now offering Virtual Classes and Personal Training -- We will also be OPENING BOTH LOCATIONS SOON!
Keep updated with our new safety protocols and training options.




SHOULD YOU JOIN Our Exclusive Amateur Boxing & Fight Team Program?

We have developed this program to help prepare and maintain you physically, technically and mentally to be a competitive boxer. Being a part of this team ensures that you will get the attention from the coaches necessary to be ready if or when we take you to fight in club shows or tournaments.

Important Note – We accept Senior and Youth boxers into our amateur boxing program. Boxers are not required to actively fight, however all team member must qualify through the advisement of a Senior coach to be on the Fight Team. To train on this team you will need to hold the minimum Amateur Competitive Membership (or higher) and have your amateur Boxing Ontario License. Volunteer time back to the program will also be requested periodically throughout the year. View All Forms & Licensing

What Is The Youth Boxing Program?

Our Youth Boxing Programs are run by Canadian National Coaches Jennifer Huggins, Virgil Barrow, Phil Daniels alongside our Boxing Ontario Assistant coaches. After recognizing the incredible impact the sport has had on their lives, the team felt it was necessary to share their passion for boxing with the youth of the community.

Those who participate in these classes learn the technical components of the sport, and are given an opportunity to explore their confidence in ways that will help them in all walks of life. The Youth Boxing Membership is appropriate for participants ages 11-19, we also have a special junior program for boxers 7-11 years old.

Access Options: 

  • [OPTION 1] $65/month for 1 Session Weekly**
  • [OPTION 2] $75/month for 2 Sessions Weekly**
  • [OPTION 3] $85/month for unlimited access to youth classes**
  • [DROP-IN OPTIONS] 5, 10 and 20 class drop-in options available (no contract)

*All amateur competitive and youth members must have their own headgear, gloves and mouth-guards (all equipment can be purchased onsite)

** All monthly membership rates based on 1 year commitment

Our technical/competitive programs help to develop a true understanding of:

  • The rules of Olympic Boxing
  • Basic boxing technique
  • Shadow boxing
  • Heavy, speed and double ended bag work
  • Self defence
  • Offensive tactics
  • Safe atmosphere to explore optional Sparring/Fighting

Components included in this program include:

  • Weekly Fight Team Group Training – Additional times will be set weekly for the team to training together at the club or at an off-site training location. This will allow the coaches to have their full focus on each one of you. We will be able to observe your technical and physical training and help develop your skills where necessary. We will also challenge the team physically to prepare you for what it takes to fight.
    • Senior/Elite Team Training – Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    • Youth Team Training – Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    • Fighter Training – Saturday’s 8:00 am – 9:00 am (pre-fight only)
  • Individual Training and Partnered Training – You will be expected to train individually and/or with a teammate 3-4 times per week during “Open Training”. Though you may be self-motivated, it always helps to train with a partner who can push you to your limits and vice versa. We know it can be hard to organize schedules so we recommend you find a time weekly with a teammate. Further to the training you do with your teammates, you are also expected to train on your own. This is where you will be able to fine-tune all aspects of your technique that require work (not during sparring classes)
  • Individual Coaching – This will generally only occur once you have a fight scheduled. If you are not putting the work into yourself, it is not fair to expect anyone else to do it for you. As your coaches, we are here to coach and guide you toward your goals, but once you are in the ring, you’re on your own. This is why the training you put in on your own will be what helps you to best reach your goals. Once you are working towards, or booked for fights, we will coach you through the following:
    • Focus pad training
    • Sparring video reviews
    • Nutritional advising
    • Fight planning

You may not be at the stage where you are ready to fight technically, physically and/or mentally, however this program will help getting you there. By joining this team you are telling us you would like to fight, therefore we expect you to train as a fighter and put the same time and effort in.

Although there will be NO extra fees associated with enrolling in the Fight Team Program, there will be training expectations. Even if you decide not to fight, you are expected to put in the required training to maintain your place on the team and discounted membership.

Membership Access:

  • Unlimited Youth Conditioning and Sparring classes at Boxing Gym Location
  • Unlimited access to the “Open Training” at the Boxing Gym
  • Member rates for all specialty programs at The HIGH PERFORMANCE STUDIOS | 3046 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON.

If you would like to fight or are ready to put in the time and training that it takes, talk to us today!

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KBC Fight Team member, Shireen Fabing, puts in the work on the pads with her coach Virgil. Photo Credit: Jennifer Huggins

KBC Fight Team member, Shireen Fabing, puts in the work on the pads with her coach Virgil.
Photo Credit: Jennifer Huggins