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Drills With Boxing Skills Workout With Coach Phil Daniels

March 28, 2020
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Drills With Boxing Skills Workout With Coach Phil Daniels

Place an object in front of you – a weight, a soup can, a hat, anything. This drill can be done in any sized space. It can be modified and expanded to emphasize cardio work or your punches or both, and can be “leveled up.”

Assume your boxing stance. Moving around the object in front of you to your right, take one step. immediately thereafter throw one punch. Take another step and throw two punches. Another step, 3 punches, another step, 4 punches, another step throw a 5 punch combo. Then:

  • 10 Jumping Jacks
  • And/or 10 burpees
  • And /or 10 squats

Right away get back into boxing stance and fire another 5 punch combo. Repeat from the top, step, one punch. Step, 2 punches, step 3 punches, step 4, step then a 5 punch combo. Then:

  • 9 Jumping Jacks
  • And/or 9 burpees
  • And /or 9 squats

Repeat and continue, next time 8 of everything, then 7 etc…..until you reach 0 on your JJ’s, and/or burpees, and/or squats.


  1. Walk outs, leg lifts, step backs in place of JJ’s, burpees, squats.
  2. You can also work your defence in after your punches as you move. Experiment with inserting defense into different moments within your 3,4, and 5 punch combos.
  3. Additionally, change-up the footwork. Move left sometimes. Or you can take a “3 steps right, 2 steps left” footwork pattern before throwing punches. After your 5 punch combos, but before the Jumping Jacks – you can move in toward your object , throw another 5 punch combo, then move back out and launch another 5 punch combo, THEN start the JJ’s.
  4. For more upper body workout, do the punching part of the drill with 5 lbs weights if available, and add presses and/or curls after the Jumping Jacks.