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- Muhammad Ali

Personalized Training Programs

August 8, 2018
Filed Under: Programs, Specialty Boxing Programs

One of our trainers will sit down with you to determine your boxing or personal fitness goals. This might be sport specific training, weight loss, muscle gain or recovery from an injury. Whatever your sport-specific or personal fitness goals are, our trainers will design a program to help you achieve it. Our coaching team consistently reviews your progress and make any changes necessary to your program based on your notes and feedback.

Looking for something not quite as expensive as one-on-one personal training? Semi-Private and Group Training makes a great alternative.

Let’s recap.

  • Sit-down to determine your specific fitness goal
  • Customized workout program by one of our certified personal trainers or National Boxing Coaches
  • Access to open gym time to practice your skills and train independently
  • Access to open gym time all day to book your sessions based on your schedule
  • Trainers will review your progress and make adjustments where needed

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