4 Things to Look for In a Good Coach

The type of coach you have in your corner can make a world of a difference, helping you move beyond just self-motivation!

Coaches inspire you to change and form long-lasting healthy habits. They play a huge role in whether or not you stick with the sport/activity. In terms of enjoyment and overall performance, having a good coach can make things a lot easier.

Here are the four things you should look out for in a good coach...

1. Drive

Nothing can get you going better than a coach who is driven and passionate about his/her sport. When we’re driven to be the best at something, we can achieve anything. Coaches that love teaching their sport can make or break it for you.

2. Energy and Positivity

High energy and enthusiasm in a coach is what will keep you interested and focused. This contributes to the overall enjoyment factor! A coach also needs to be positive. Everything needs to be done in a constructive way, teaching through encouragement and positive reinforcement.

3. Willingness to Learn

Good coaches will constantly be on the lookout to learn what’s new and expand their knowledge! Rules and techniques gradually change over time, so it’s important that your coach is constantly willing to learn and adapt. Good coaches should also be receptive to feedback!

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4. Experience

A coach that has experience will most likely embody all the qualities listed above. Apart from basic credentials, you should look for coaches with advanced training. A coach who has invested in their own training shows commitment and a great deal of time, energy, and effort spent to provide you with top-quality coaching.

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