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- Muhammad Ali

"If I Wanted, I Could Destroy EVERYTHING... But I'm A Good Girl!"

April 25, 2018
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Robin Tyndall has been boxing with the Kingsway Boxing Club since 2017. Her and a group of nearly 40 girls continue to forge forward in the sport of boxing! [Photo Credit: Virgil Barrow Photography]

“If I Wanted, I Could Destroy EVERYTHING… But I’m A Good Girl”
Featuring The Girls Teens Boxing Program At Kingsway Boxing Club

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After spending the Spring with these incredible ladies, we held a mini photoshoot on our last day of class so the girls could show off their some of their bad ass moves! We can’t wait to see these awesome girls, along with many newcomers in our Summer 2018 Program!

The Girls Teen Boxing Program is run by coaches Virgil Barrow and AIBA International Referee, Jennifer Huggins. After recognizing the incredible impact the sport has had on her life, she felt it was necessary to share her passion with the youth of the community.

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