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- Muhammad Ali

Exclusive FightCamp Program

March 3, 2018
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Kingsway Boxing presents “FightCamp”. This 1-day intensive camp is lead by Boxing Ontario Nationally Certified Coaches, Officials and assisted by licensed competitive boxers. FightCamp was developed to fast track students to learn the essentials of amateur boxing in a safe and effective manner. The program has been used by the average recreational sport enthusiast, all the way up to the elite boxer looking to further their skills in the sport. Open to men and women, we will give you the chance to learn, improve or test your skills as an Olympic style boxer.

Once you complete this camp you will qualify to train in the competitive and recreational boxing programs offered by Kingsway Boxing. You will also qualify to acquire your Amateur Boxing license through Kingsway Boxing Club. Being licensed under the sanctioning body of Boxing Ontario will allow you to compete at the amateur level. You will also receive a complete FightCamp Handbook outlining each component along with structured workouts to help you perfect your skills.

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