If My Mind Can Conceive It & My Heart Can Believe It,


- Muhammad Ali


December 18, 2015
Filed Under: Corporate Fundraising

Combustion is a kick-ass creativity-fuelled training company that transforms people so they can transform their organizations.

We’re proud to be sponsors and supporters of the The Fight to End Cancer because it doesn’t just raise funds for Princess Margaret critical Cancer research, it challenges people to put their fists where their hearts are and show their solidarity with Cancer sufferers in a very real and inspiring way. Combustion President Leslie Ehm stepped into the ring for FTEC in 2015 and our entire team went through the incredible journey from training to ringside with her. We were all blown away by the passion, commitment and integrity of the fighters, trainers, and organizers and our hearts will always be with this amazing event and charity. Fists up! Together we can beat the crap out of Cancer!