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Kingsway Boxing Club — Terms Of Memberships And Services


CONDITION 1: Client/Buyer agrees to comply fully with the conditions of this contract.
CONDITION 2: Payment must be received in advance of Client/Buyer receiving any services.
CONDITION 3: Only the Client/Buyer may use the Memberships/Classes/Sessions purchased. No services are interchangeable.
CONDITION 4: The Client/Buyer may rescind this agreement by hand delivering a written notice of rescission to the manager/operator of the club within 5 days after this agreement is signed at which time the Client/Buyer will receive a signed and dated cancellation receipt from the manager. Any sessions used prior to termination will be deducted from amount refunded.
CONDITION 5: Client/Buyer is entitled to renewal at the same rate based on continuous enrollment; however if membership or package is terminated at any point a new contract will be developed based on the pricing at the time of the new contract.
CONDITION 6: In exceptional cases Client/Buyer may provide, in writing, special requests. All requests will be taken into consideration, however are not guaranteed to be honored exactly as requested. All requests must be signed and dated by the club manager. To process requests, a minimum of 30 days is required from date the request is signed by the manager.
CONDITION 7: Coaches, trainers and scheduled times are subject to change.
CONDITION 8: Kingsway Boxing Club ltd. reserves the right to revoke access to any Client/Buyer who willfully violates the law and or rules on the property, or off the property in the name of the club. Should an extreme situation such as this arise, the Client/Buyer/buyer will forfeit all Membership privileges and all dues paid.


CONDITION 9: Monthly packages are based on a 1 year (12 month) contract agreement, unless otherwise stated in this contract. Regardless of attendance Client/Buyer will be billed for each month. The Client/Buyer may cancel the agreement after the initial 12 (twelve) month period has been fulfilled. Membership begins on stated “Start Date”
CONDITION 10: Client/Buyer agrees to pay the monthly amount stated on this contract by void cheque (directly debited from a bank account) or credit card void payment. Payment will be debited monthly on the 2nd of each month from a specified account. CONDITION 10B: Client/Buyer agrees to pay the amount stated in this contract quarterly (4 payments) by postdated cheques or credit card swipes.
CONDITION 11: Membership Cancellation – Once 12 (twelve) month contract has been fulfilled, it is the responsibility of the Client/Buyer to provide written cancellation notice 30 (thirty) days prior to the desired cancellation date. Once cancellation notice has been received by management, the Client/Buyer will receive a signed and dated cancellation receipt from the manager.
CONDITION 12: If Client/Buyer wishes to cancel the membership before the 12 (twelve) month contract has been fulfilled there will be a $200.00 Contract Termination Fee or Client/Buyer is obligated to pay out the remaining months of the contract.


CONDITION 13: Cancellations within 24 hrs of the booked class or session will result in a full charge for the session. Please be considerate to your fellow members! If you sign up for a class and cannot make it, canceling your reservation through your account allows someone on the waitlist to take your spot. If you’re unsure that you have correctly canceled your appointment or class reservation, please email:

CONDITION 14: Unless stated otherwise by authorized management, Client/Buyer agrees to pay the amount in full at time of contract signing
CONDITION 15: Unless stated otherwise by authorized management, all fitness packages must be used and completed within 1 year of the purchase date by the Client/Buyer.


Any packages purchased through Kingsway Boxing Club remain active for 12 months before expiring (excluding our specialty workshops). Kingsway Boxing Club offers ‘make-up’ options for missed appointments and sessions (including seasonal enrolments), however, if you are unable to utilize this option due to unforeseen circumstances, please see the Kingsway Boxing Club Refund Policy below.

Kingsway Boxing Club Refund Policy

CONDITION 16: All equipment sales are final.
CONDITION 17: Unused services will be applied to the clients account for full value applicable to any program payment within 1 year. Alternatively, the amount paid will qualify for a refund within 30 days of purchase with a 10% administration fee.