If My Mind Can Conceive It & My Heart Can Believe It,


- Muhammad Ali


FightCamp Description:

Kingsway Boxing presents “FightCamp”. This 1-day intensive camp is lead by Boxing Ontario Nationally Certified Coaches, Officials and assisted by licensed competitive boxers. FightCamp was developed to fast track students to learn the essentials of amateur boxing in a safe and effective manner. The program has been used by the average recreational sport enthusiast, all the way up to the elite boxer looking to further their skills in the sport. Open to men and women and kids ages 10+, we will give you the chance to learn, improve or test your skills as an Olympic style boxer.

The classes are structured to systematically break down the technical, offensive and defensive aspects of the sport. You are guaranteed to benefit from this program regardless if you are a complete beginner or already well into your competitive boxing career. Once you have completed the camp you will leave with a true understanding of:

Rules of Olympic Boxing | Basic Boxing Technique | Shadow boxing | Heavy, speed and double ended bag work | Self Defense | Offensive Tactics | Safe atmosphere to explore optional Sparring/Fighting … so much more

Participants are expected to arrive at lease 10 minutes prior to the start time. Each class day is structured to include all of the following components:

√ Warm-up
√ Technical Training Component
√ Practical Application Component
√ Conditioning Drills
√ Technical Heavy Bag, Speed Bag Double-Ended Bag Work
√ Introductory Sparring

Once you complete this camp you will qualify to train in the competitive and recreational boxing programs offered by Kingsway Boxing. You will also qualify to acquire your Amateur Boxing license through Kingsway Boxing Club. Being licensed under the sanctioning body of Boxing Ontario will allow you to compete at the amateur level. You will also receive a complete FightCamp Handbook outlining each component along with structured workouts to help you perfect your skills.

FightCamp Staff:

The team of Coaches, Officials and Amateur Competitive Boxers that will be leading this course are all certified and licensed through Boxing Ontario. Boxing Ontario is the Provincial representative for CABA (Canadian Amateur Boxing Association), who works in accordance with the International body AIBA (International Boxing Association). AIBA governs Olympic World Boxing. View Coaching Staff

Course Options:

Please check website for updated list of course dates. We will be adding additional courses throughout the year. Private camps can be arranged for teams of 10 or more from your company or sport team. For more information please email: info@kingswayboxingclub.com

FIGHTCAMP Information:

Course Location: Kingsway Boxing Club | The Boxing Gym | 22-B Jutland Rd. Toronto, ON., M8Z 2G9

The Boxing Gym is located near Islington and Queensway. Jutland is North of Queensway off of Islington. Our entrance is located on the east side of the building. (Front business is Metal Supermarkets)

Directions From Downtown:

  • Gardner West
  • Exit at Islington North
  • Turn Left at 2nd Stop Light – Jutland Rd.
  • Location will be on the right hand side – look for red mustang Parked Below Kingsway Boxing Club sign

Parking: Parking is free. We have limited parking available in front of our club, however you are welcome to park in the surrounding business lots including:

  • Metal Supermarkets
  • European Meats
  • Bloor West Auto

Course Contact Information:

Camp Coordinators: Jennifer Huggins and Virgil Barrow

Main Office: (416) 234 – 0075

Camp Email: info@kingswayboxingclub.com

Pre-FightCamp Assessment: (recommended for ages 10 – 18)

If required, please book minimum 1 week prior to desired enrollment date. Participants should come prepared for an intensive workout at The Boxing Gym

  • Wear workout clothes and running shoes
  • Bring water (we also sell water and Gatorade)
  • Do NOT eat within 2 hours prior to assessment

Important Note: This camp is suitable for ages 10+, however younger boxers are expected to operate at a high level of maturity. Due to the nature of the sport, those who are unable to respect the coaches, other participants, or rules of the sport will be ejected without refund. If you are concerned that your child may not be able to cope in this atmosphere you should enroll your child for an assessment (booked one on one at least one week prior to camp start date).

Mandatory Equipment for FIGHTCAMP:

  • Comfortable workout clothes (short, t-shirt, hat etc)
  • Handwraps
  • Optional
    • Mouthguard
    • Gloves (you can choose to upgrade your enrollment to include boxing gloves, otherwise this equipment is provided and shared among participants)
    • Lunch or snack (we will provide a light snacks during 30 min break, however it is recommended that you bring a sandwich or something simple and quick)
    • water bottle (we supply complimentary bottled water)
    • Change of clothes (you will likely want to change your clothes if you plan on going anywhere after the camp
    • Gym Bag – we have limited lockers, it is advised you keep track of all your personal possessions