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Location Rules



Before Arrival or When You ARRIVE at Kingsway Boxing Club Location …

✅ Thoroughly Review KBC COVID Protocols: View Full Protocol Listing

The climate is everchanging with ongoing updates to COVID Protocols sanctioned by the Ontario Government and Ministry of Sport. It is mandatory for those entering any KBC Location to keep an ongoing education of our safety protocols and policies.

Location, equipment and floor check

Please check that all equipment is in its proper place and off the workout area where clients may trip on it.

✅ Mindbody Scheduling (KBC Training Team)

All KBC Trainers and Coaches will have a personal Mindbody Staff Account. You will be able to book and retrieve confidential client information through your account. It’s important that you keep your schedule updated. Please ensure you check your clients out for all private sessions – this is how the system knows to pay out for your service. It’s also important to “Early Cancel” or ‘Late Cancel’ your clients when they do not show up for their class or appt.

  • Early Cancel: Apply this selection if the client has given more than 24 hours notice or you do not wish to charge for a missed private lesson.
  • Late Cancel: Apply this selection to all enrolments and classes when registered clients do not show up for their reservation. Also, apply this option if you decide to charge a client for a missed private lesson. Note that you must check out the session before applying the late cancel option.

✅ Client Waiver Access  (KBC Training Team) – WAIVER LINK

Both locations are by appointment only. It’s important that you have the waiver completed by ALL new clients before they attend any sessions. It can be very disruptive to your class/private client if someone walks in while you are mid-session. At the studio location, it is recommended that you keep the doors locked during your session especially if you are working on the lower level. Always introduce yourselves to anyone who enters through the doors… It can be intimidating to even work up the courage to walk into a boxing gym. Be sure to keep business cards readily available to pass to people who come in.

Suggested explanation: “Hi there! My name is _________. Here’s my card, send us an email with some days and times and we’ll bring you in for a free private lesson.” 

When you are LEAVING any KBC location …

Close all windows and lock doors

Please check that all windows and doors are properly closed and locked. Trainer/Renter/Company will be held liable in the case that failure to properly secure entrances, exits and windows which result in theft or property damage. DO NOT share your personal entry codes with any other trainer or clients. If you are concerned your code has been compromised, please contact us immediately to have it terminated and assigned a new one.


Turn Off All Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Please be sure to turn off all heating an air conditioning unless otherwise instructed by Kingsway Boxing Staff.  Failure to properly close the location or leaving heat/air on, may result in a surcharge to be determined based on power consumption or damages. 

Remove all garbage from location (applies to location rentals only)

Trainers must check that garbages are not more than 75% full before leaving for the day. If compacting the garbage does not work, please remove full bags and replace with fresh ones. Renters must remove and dispose of all garage from premises (do not dump outside or in surrounding dumpsters) – Failure to remove garbage may result in $200 disposal surcharge


Clean location and facilities used

Trainer/Renter/Company must leave the location in the same condition it was rented. This includes replacing equipment to its correct location. (Cleaning is mandatory for renters, unless cleaning fee was worked into rental agreement) 


Replace all equipment to correct location 

If your rental includes the use of equipment or needs to move any items/furniture, renter must replace to the correct location. 

– Failure to leave facilities in clean, working order may result in $200-$400 cleaning surcharge

Kingsway Boxing Club Terms Of Location Use

All Trainers/Renters/Companies operating at any Kingsway Boxing Club location must read, understand and sign off on the all policies outlined below. Failure to adhere to any of these rules may result in immediate Expulsion or Fine. This includes loss of access privileges, forfeiting all dues paid. Trainer/Renter/Company agrees to operate responsibly at all Kingsway Boxing Club locations agreed upon. Trainer/Renter/Company also agrees to make mention of Kingsway Boxing Club in all public releases for which the materials produced will be used. Trainer/Renters/Company will supply Kingsway Boxing Club with all photos published in context to and promotion of production.
  • Please fill this portion out if you are an official representative signing on behalf of your company.
  • Location Agreement

  • Please describe the type of use being made of Kingsway Boxing Club location(s).
  • If Option 2 or 3 was selected, please define dates, times and location this agreement in reference to.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • I have read and understand the all the policies listed on the official "Location Rules" Page []. I understand that failure to adhere to any of these rules may result in immediate Expulsion or Fine. This includes loss of access privileges, forfeiting all dues paid. I agree to operate responsibly at rental location and facilities agreed upon. Trainer/Renters/Company also agrees to make mention of Kingsway Boxing Club in any publication for which any pictures or materials will be used. Trainer/Renters/Company will supply Kingsway Boxing Club with all photos published in context to and promotion of any publication (print or online).


  1. The desired studio must be booked a minimum of 1 week in advance to ensure availability (renters must also make payment to secure rental)
  2. All rental booking cancellations must be declared 24 hours in advance of the cancellation
    • Cancellations can be declared by Email (Failure to remove the booking from the schedule will result in full room rental fee.) *if the rental is scheduled for exclusive use a longer cancellation period will be outlined.
  3. 15 min grace period is always scheduled between classes to allow for a smooth transition between programs. Please manage your time correctly and be sure you have cleared the room at least 5-10 minutes prior to the next allocated time slot.
  4. Trainer/Renter/Company Representatives
    • Must hold liability insurance (minimum $2 million)
    • Must submit training certifications (Trainers Only)
    • Must have up to date First Aid and CPR Certifications
    • Must rental hours before commencing use of the facilities
    • May have access to facility 15 minutes before and 15 minutes following a session, however please be mindful of the next program or trainer setting up in the space.
    • Do not have access to any of the facilities outside of their pre-paid scheduled hours.  Arrangements must be made to access the studios on off times.
    • Must not share access or security codes with anyone – if you believe your code may be compromised please contact us immediately to deactivate your code.
    • Must sign in before their session(s) – general sign in sheet at every location (Trainers Only)
  5. Clients of Trainer/Renter/Company Representatives
    • May NOT bring visitors, guests or substitute trainers without prior permission.
    • Any first time visitor must sign guest waiver and par-Q properly before they begin use of locations and equipment. No exceptions.  If the guest is under 18 years of age, their guest waiver and Par-Q must be signed by and adult over 18 accompanied by the contact information.
  6. Trainer/Renter/Company Representatives agree not to open a boxing or similar facility within 5 km of any Kingsway Boxing Club Location.
  7. Once training session terminates Trainer/Renters/Company must return facility to original state:
    • Replace all equipment to its original state
    • Make sure the studio is left neat and tidy
    • Turn off all appliances and lights
    • Close all windows
    • Properly lock up and initiate alarm if applicable
  8. No pictures may be used in the promotion of business or otherwise unless agreed to by management
  9. No smoking on any KBC premises


  1. If it is not yours, DON’T TOUCH IT (especially weapons). Do not allow clients, children or parents use any equipment, unless the equipment is your property, or unless previously discussed with management.
  2. Trainer/Renter/Company
    • Must have clients wear their own equipment, gloves and wraps, for sanitary purposes (boxing gloves provided for new clients)
    • Not to allow clients hit pads or bags without gloves.
    • Jewelry must be removed or covered for your own safety and the safety of your clients
  3. No food or drinks in designated workout areas, including gum (please keep water away from training areas).  If you are eating, make sure to do so in allotted area
  4. Trainer/Renters/Company Representatives are expected to RESPECT their environment this includes:
    • Members and Staff of Kingsway Boxing
    • Facilities and Equipment
    • Surrounding Businesses

3046 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON.


  1. Parking must be found in paid lots, no parking in rear of facility for Trainer/Renters/Company Representatives and clients.
  2. Trainer/Renters/Company Representatives must sign in before rental/session into the “ATTENDANCE BOOK”
  3. Trainer/Renters/Company Representatives is provided with a unique and individual code NOT to be shared with other trainers or clients.
    • This code tracks the hours spent in the studio and must be re-entered when leaving. If code is not re-entered you may be charged for the remainder of the day
    • If damages or theft occurs in studio while your code is active liability will fall on the renter. (this is why it is very important that you do not share your code with anyone)
    • If you lose your code or feel that you code has been compromised please notify management immediately so that your code may be de-activated.
  4. In the case that the location key is provided to trainer, the key must be returned if there are no sessions remaining in purchase package. This must be done within 48 hours of last rental.
  5. Access granted only to front studio entrance
  6. No outdoor shoes in studio – All outdoor footwear must be removed before entering studio
  7. All windows must be closed before exiting the studio
  8. Studio and main door must be locked if studio is being left unattended between or during classes.
  9. Trainer/Renters/Company agrees to pay any/all damages that may occur during time of rental at “The Fitness Studio”.

22-B Jutland Rd. Toronto ON.


  1. Representatives and Clients of Trainer/Renters/Company may not enter ring for purpose of contact without permission and supervision of certified coach – However Trainer/Renters/Company is permitted to take still photography within ring.
  2. All persons related to or employed under Trainer/Renters/Company, and entering K.B.C. premises must hold their own full coverage insurance that:
    • assumes all responsibility/liability for personal injury
    • liability insurance of minimum 2 million dollars while conducting any form of training.
  3. Trainer/Renters/Company is renting room on an hourly bases:
  4. Rental fees will be charged even in the event that rental of studio space and/or time is less than booked.  In the event that rental time/space exceeds what is stated in this contract fees will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. Trainer/Renters/Company agrees to pay any/all damages that may occur during time of rental at “The Boxing Gym”.

View Terms & Conditions Applicable To All Kingsway Boxing Club Purchases