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- Muhammad Ali

Payment Renewal Options

Please use the links below to renew with the appropriate package. Alternately you can arrange payment with your coach via cheque or cash on your next visit (note that we do not accept debit). E-Transfer payments also accepted addressed to: jennifer@kingswayboxingclub.com (additional rate of 13% hst applies to all purchases)

Note that all clients receive a free access membership to Open Training Hours at our Boxing Gym Location (22-B Jutland Rd. Toronto ON.) Please be sure to check schedules for times and cancellation updates (View Schedules)

We are proud to announce that Kingsway Boxing Club will be opening our newest location at 3046 Bloor St W. This location will feature our boutique boxing studio, along with our high performance training studios. We have adjusted some of our prices due to the costs associated with this growth.

ONE ON ONE TRAINING (30 min Sessions)

5 Private Sessions – $215.00 ($43 per) Buy Now
Members Only: 5 Private Sessions – $195.00 Buy Now

10 Private Sessions – $395.00 ($39.50 per) Buy Now
Members Only: 10 Private Sessions – $375.00 Buy Now

15 Private Sessions – $555.00 ($37 per) Buy Now
Members Only: 15 Private Sessions – $525.00 Buy Now

25 Private Sessions – $875.00 ($35 per) Buy Now
Members Only: 25 Private Sessions – $825.00 Buy Now


5 Semi-Private Sessions – $270.00 Buy Now
OR – $135.00 per person – Buy Now

10 Semi-Private Sessions – $480.00 Buy Now
OR – $240.00 per person – Buy Now

GROUP TRAINING (30 min Sessions)

Minimum of 3 participants needed to create group*
Based on attendance of all participants**

5 Group Sessions
$115.00 per person Buy Now

10 Group Sessions
$200.00 per person Buy Now

*Group will be open to add up to 10 participants
**All participants must cancel session as prices are based on consecutive attendance – participants who miss scheduled group sessions can arrange with coach to make up during regular scheduled classes

Prepaid Drop-In Classes

Prepaid clients are welcome to use the gym during open training for the duration of their package (based on a minimum attendance of 1 class per week – ie. 5 classes = 5 weeks use of open training)

5 Prepaid Classes – $100.00 Buy Now
(Used within 2 months)

10 Prepaid Classes – $180.00 Buy Now
(Used within 6 months)

20 Prepaid Classes – $320.00 Buy Now
(Used within 12 months)

Location Rental Rates (Contractors and Trainers Only)

Please ensure that you have spoken to the office regarding location availability and correct package before ordering any of the below options:

Boxing Gym Location See Rental Options
(22-B Jutland Rd. Toronto ON. M8Z 2G9)

High Performance Studios See Rental Options
(3046 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON. M8X 1C4)