If My Mind Can Conceive It & My Heart Can Believe It,


- Muhammad Ali

About Kingsway Boxing

The Kingsway Boxing Club is located in the west end of Toronto. We operate out of two locations; The High Performance Studios at Royal York Rd. and Bloor St. W., and The Boxing Gym Facility just north of the Gardiner at Islington. Having two separate locations allows for a wide range of people, with varying interests, to accomplish any goal. Kingsway successfully runs competitive and recreational boxing programs, while hosting a variety of fitness and high performance athletic programs out of both locations.

Boxing is undeniably one of the top mentally, and physically challenging sports. Many athletes, businesses and recreational sport enthusiasts use the sport as a cross training tool. It’s a great sport to get into supreme shape, for some it’s also a challenging and amazing sport to take to the next level of competition.

With private and group training programs for all ages and fitness levels, there’s no reason to wait!

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