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Q: What is Kingsway Boxing’s plan in relation to the COVID-19 Situation?

A: All Kingsway Boxing locations have been temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 situation the world is struggling with. For Full Statement and Protocols: [KBC UPDATE PAGE] KBC Response to COVID-19

Q: Does your gym offer competitive boxing, or are your programs just for fitness?

A: Kingsway Boxing Club offers both recreational and competitive boxing programs. We have a fully equipped competitive boxing facility with an Olympic boxing ring. We also have a completely separate facility strictly used for fitness geared programs.

Q: What is the difference between the “High Performance Studios” and the “Boxing Gym” Location?

A: Both locations offer group classes and private training. The main differences between the two locations are:

  • “The High Performance Studios” (3046 Bloor St. W.) Is used for specialty programs and private/group training sessions throughout the week. This location is composed of smaller training studios also used by trainers for an intimate training experience. We also offer High-Performance Massage Therapy Services at this location.
  • “The Boxing Gym Facility” (22-B Jutland Rd.) Is our fully equipped boxing club outfitted with an Olympic sized boxing ring. We use this location for large conditioning, technical and sparring classes, however you can also book private boxing with a trainer.  In addition to scheduled classes, we offer “Open Training Hours” in which all clients/members are encouraged to attend.
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Q: I am not ready to sign up for anything yet, can I just come and see the gym?

A: Because our coaches are usually occupied with clients and classes, we recommend that you book a free lesson at your convenience. During this lesson, a senior coach will take you through a full workout based on your interests. If you have experience in boxing or martial arts, this session will also serve as a skills assessment to ensure we place you in the correct program.  Book FREE Session Now

Q: How much are your monthly fees?

A: We do offer memberships that give you unlimited access to the gym during “Open Training” hours, and access to scheduled classes both locations, however we recommend new clients to start off with our Starter Package or Private Lessons. These are two of our most popular options, both of which come with a free access membership to ‘Open Training Hours’ for the duration of the package. More Info

Q: I would like to use the facilities, but I don’t want to take classes. What are your membership fees for access only?

A: If you would only like to use the facilities and don’t need classes, you would join on a basic membership. With this membership you would have unlimited access to the gym during open training hours, and you would have access to the sparring classes. Note that we are a private boxing club and require you to be enrolled in at least one of our programs to access the facilities.

Q: I haven’t used my sessions that I purchased 1 month ago, what do I do?

Any packages purchased through Kingsway Boxing Club remain active for 12 months before expiring (excluding our specialty workshops). We have worked in many class ‘make-up’ options into all of our programs, including specialty programs, however if you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, please see the Kingsway Boxing Club Refund Policy below.

Kingsway Boxing Club Refund Policy

All equipment sales are final.

Unused services will be applied to the clients account for full value applicable to any program payment within 1 year. Alternatively, the amount paid will qualify for refund within 30 days of purchase with a 15% administration fee (net amount). 

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