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- Muhammad Ali

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This lesson/skills assessment is done at a time that works for you and usually takes around 30-45mins. During this session you will be taken through a lesson to teach you the skills necessary to join the program you are interested in. If you have experience or are currently involved with competitive sport, we will do a skills assessment and take you through drills applicable to the program of interest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These lessons are meant for those looking to attend classes on our regular schedule or those who are interested in private or semi-private training. This lesson is not necessary for those looking to enrol in specialty, high performance and our kids/teens programs.
If you’re ready to enrol in a seasonal program please enrol now.

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  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that participants under 18 will require a parent or guardian to accompany them for their first visit.

  • This is the best selection if you or your small group is interested in private or group training. Let us know what days and times would best work for your free session.