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New To Kingsway Boxing & Not Sure Where To Start?

We’ve got 3 great options for newcomers!

Please note that these specials are only available for new clients.

3 TKO Private Training Package: Only $120.00

💪 This promotion offers 3 scheduled 30-minute Private Lessons with a nationally-certified boxing coach or personal trainer.

💪 Regularly $150, this special promo is only $120, which is an amazing value!

💪 This is a great option for someone who really wants that one-on-one instruction to get the absolute most from their workout.

Adult Boxing Programs | Kids & Youth Boxing Programs

5-Class Starter Package: Only $105.00

🥊 This package includes 5 scheduled classes offered at any of our locations. It also includes unlimited access to “Open Training” hours at the Jutland Location for the duration of the package.

🥊 The regular price is $125, but we have a special promotion offering this package for only $105!

🥊 This is the perfect choice for someone who needs flexibility in their workout schedule. You can sign up for whatever class you feel like that week, and get a good feel for our different programs!

1 Week FREE: Unlimited Virtual Classes

✨ We’re proud to announce that we have a special promo of free access to Unlimited Virtual Classes for 1 week!

✨ Since launching our virtual classes on Zoom, the feedback has been amazing.

✨ Learn the essentials of boxing, spice up your training with HIIT conditioning, or slow down and breathe with beginner yoga – all from the comfort of your own home!

✨ This is the perfect option for someone who’s on the fence about joining Team KBC and doesn’t want to spend too much money up-front. We’re sure you’ll love it!

These are just a few of our awesome offerings.

You can learn more about all our programs at the Services page.

We can’t wait to meet you!



✅ STEP 1: Review Boxing Ontario ‘Return To Training’ and Kingsway Boxing COVID Protocols and Procedures 

✅ STEP 2: (MANDATORY PHASE 1 & 2) Register For Boxing Ontario Recreational Licence ($20.00 Annually)

✅ STEP 3: Book In For Classes or Appointments

NEW: Pre-Workout Warm-Up Video From Jim Marinow!

We have a super-helpful resource to share with you all!

One aspect of working out that often gets overlooked is the importance of a good warm-up. Especially during COVID-19, with visits to the gym being shortened more than ever, there is a higher risk for injury.

But don’t worry — we have a handy YouTube video from RMT Jim Marinow to help you get your warm-up on! This 6-minute clip breaks down the essentials you need to know before heading into your next workout class:

And don’t forget that we also run a Mobility Workshop with Jim, too! You can learn more about that program using the button below.

NEW PROGRAM: Movement By Mehdi Has Arrived!

Get ready for a fun and challenging workout brought to you in an old-school, 15-round championship fight format.

These virtual classes begin with powerful mobility techniques to prepare the body for the workout.

The timer starts, and we begin!

🥊 Warm-up rounds are focused on developing sound fundamentals (i.e. balanced stance, footwork, head-movement & strong combination-punching).

🥊 Later rounds will focus on the finer points of the ‘sweet-science’ (i.e. developing fighter IQ, setting traps for your opponent, controlling tempo).

🥊 Final rounds are burnout rounds! Bodyweight exercises to add stability and strength to your punching power.

This class is carefully structured in a 15-Round boxing format, to teach participants how to develop:

  • A balanced stance
  • Effective head movement
  • Beginner to advanced footwork tactics
  • Combinations & punching power
  • Strength & conditioning

Participants will be introduced to a self-healing mobility & system that will:

  • Promote blood flow 
  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
  • Speed up recovery rate



  • Program Start Date: October 28, 2020
  • Every Wednesday: 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
  • Course Duration: 8 Week Program | Oct. 28, – Dec. 16, 2020
  • Location: Virtual | Zoom Link Provided To Participants
  • Program Cost: $145.00 Regular Cost | Early Bird Rate: $120.00 Must Register 2 weeks prior to the course start date to be eligible for Early Bird Rates. NOTE: Discount available for multiple day registrations

Looking for on-location training? Try booking a private session with Mehdi to get that one-on-one support!

Mehdi Abidi | Boxing Coach, High Performance Facial Stretch Therapist

Mehdi Abidi has over 13 years of combined martial arts experience, beginning his training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. He focused his passion on the sweet-science while travelling & learning from some of the greatest boxing minds in Canada.

Injuries from over-training led him into the world of healing, as he realized the important role that stretching plays, in not just athletics, but everyday life.

Mehdi is a skilled fascial stretch therapist who can help you alleviate chronic pain, while improving your overall mobility and flexibility.

Mehdi is currently in school for massage therapy, while actively training to compete in the ring as a professional boxer!


Here are a few things you should know before we get started:


  • Wearing a mask is mandatory when you enter and exit KBC High Performance Studios. You may take it off once you get into position on the floor.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon arrival. 
  • If you cannot make the session, please text Mehdi a minimum 24 hours in advance. This is important for contact tracing.


  • Basic workout clothing and footwear.
  • Water bottle and yoga mat optional.


  • Registered participants will be sent a link to the Zoom class for virtual access!

The Kingsway Boxing Family has been back to training since June. As we build routines, return to work and kids go back to school, it’s important to continue keeping our community safe! Please be aware of any possible symptoms and contact us if you’re unsure.

Our staff, trainers and coaches will be following strict protocols limiting contact and ensuring the safety of our clients. In addition to cleaning in between clients and classes, a deep clean and sanitization of all locations are conducted at the beginning and end of each day.

Thank you for your support!

Introducing: Nutrition Advising with Jason Prowse!

We’re excited to announce Nutrition Advising, now available to book with Jason Prowse of Hook & Cross Fitness!

Using basic principles of caloric deficits and macro-nutrient allocation, Jason provides a top-line plan to help you achieve your weight goals. Support is offered through 3rd-party apps and messaging to answer your burning questions and demystify nutrition to make things simple.

Putting the right food in your body is up to you, but Jason can give you the plan to follow. 3rd-party apps and additional purchases may be required based on what program suits you best.

This services is suitable for those who are new or experienced with nutrition:

🥗 For newcomers, Jason can help you set goals for weight loss and health improvement, including solutions like 1) removing trouble foods or 2) reducing/removing portions of existing diet.

🥗 For those experienced in nutrition, Jason can help with fat loss or performance/health improvements using solutions such as 1) calculating TDEE, 2) choosing a deficit, and 3) the “Divided Plate” strategy.

🥗 Lastly, for the advanced, Jason can help recreational/pro athletes enhance their performance and physique. This is done through a customized, periodized, macronutrient-ratio driven, prescriptive eating plan.

Nutrition Advising costs $75 for:

✅ 1 x 45-minute consult

✅ 1 x 4-week eating plan

✅ Up to 5 messages per day for questions/ guidance

✅ Renewed every 4 weeks

About Coach Jason Prowse

After taking leave to help his wife fight her battle against cancer, Jason decided not to return to corporate life in the nutrition industry. Instead, he turned his life-long passion for teaching kickboxing and martial arts into a career. Life really is too short not to live it your way!

Physical fitness as well as martial arts have always been important to Jason and a constant in his life. Helping others is equally important. Since he was 5 years old, he’s seen martial arts transform hundreds of lives, and he wants that for you too, even if you never plan to step foot in a kickboxing ring. ​

His experience:

  • 35 years Martial Arts experience, 2 x Black Belt
  • FCKI Certified Trainer, First Aid Certified, CPD Diploma Sports Nutrition
  • Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai 

His combat sport achievements:

  • CCKSF 6 x Canadian Sparring Heavyweight, & Middleweight Champion
  • World Kobudo Shuai Jiao Heavyweight Champion
  • EKKA Karate Kumite Eastern England, Central, National Champion


Kingsway Boxing presents Off-The-Ropes Training Camp!

This intensive camp will be led by Boxing Ontario Nationally-Certified Coaches and Personal Trainers. The program was developed to incorporate the specialized skills of Olympic-Style Boxing with plyometric and callisthenic training.

In combination, the skills will act as a high-intensity, fast-track program that will increase skill in sports such as hockey, soccer, football, and lacrosse.

Once you have completed this camp you will leave with an increased level of:

✅ Body Awareness

✅ Coordination

✅ Balance

✅ Speed

✅ Agility

✅ Strength

✅ Explosive Power

 You will also gain skills in:

  • Basic boxing techniques
  • Heavy, speed, and double-ended bag work
  • Footwork
  • Self-defence
  • Offensive tactics
  • A safe atmosphere to explore optional Sparring/Fighting … and so much more!

Participants are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time. Each class day is structured to include all of the following components:

💪 Warm-up

💪 Technical Training Component

💪 Practical Application Component

💪 Conditioning Drills

💪 Abdominal and Core Strengthening


  • Program Availability: Team training is generally reserved on Sundays; however, please let us know which days work best and we will try to accommodate
  • Course Duration: 4-Week Program 
  • Location: THE BOXING GYM | 22-B Jutland Rd. 
  • Program Cost: $75.00 per participant

Course Options

These programs are booked on demand by sports teams/schools. We will be adding additional courses each season and throughout the year – if you wish to arrange a special group training, please contact

Important Notes

This camp is suitable for ages 10 and up; however, younger athletes are expected to operate at a high level of maturity. Due to the nature of the sport, those who are unable to respect the coaches, other participants, or rules of the sport will be ejected without refund.

If you are concerned that your child may not be able to cope in this atmosphere you should enroll your child for an assessment (booked at least one week prior to camp start date).

There will be no refunds for the camp after commencement of first camp.

Blair Larsen | Certified Personal Trainer

Blair has been actively involved in the health and fitness industry as a lifelong athlete and professional for the past 25 years. 

His athletic career ranged initially from provincial and varsity sports teams (basketball/volleyball/rowing) to individual pursuits (triathlon) competing in both ITU and Ironman-level events.

Academically, his career began at UNB by earning a BScBio (’97) and BScKin (’99) with distinction. From there, he began his career at the Adelaide Club in Toronto.

Over the past 20 years, he has actively sought out and completed numerous certifications and workshops to further knowledge in biomechanics/physiology and coaching.

Over the course of the first 15 years in Toronto, he has focused working mainly with individuals, and in the last five years, he has been working with several soccer and hockey teams with their performance conditioning and injury rehabilitation.

He strongly believes that the trainer/coach’s purpose is to help the client/athlete in their journey towards discovering and reaching their potential. It’s truly a team effort.

Notable accreditations and achievements are:

  • BSc Biology
  • BSc Kinesiology
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist (High-Performance)
  • Muscle Activation Techniques Mastery Level Specialist
  • Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Level
  • Certified Ironman Coach
  • FIFA Medicine Diploma for Trainers and Therapists
  • Canadian Ski Patrol On-Hill Instructor
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • 6x Ironman Finisher
  • 2x ITU Age Group Competitor Canada

Phil Daniels | Senior Boxing Coach + Personal Trainer

Growing up, Phil Daniels attended some of the biggest boxing matches seen in Canada. In 2004, Phil stumbled into the sport when he met his coach at his local fitness club. Since that day, he has been a part the DNA that makes up the Kingsway Boxing family.  Today, Phil spends his days with the Team KBC as a Senior Boxing Coach working with kids, teens and adults. He’s done done it all; Competitive Boxing, coaching and continuing to share the sport of boxing with his community. 

Certifications: Boxing Ontario Certified Coach, CPTN Personal Trainer, First Aid & CPR

Small Group Adult Boxing Classes are HERE!


Our Small Group Classes are physically-distanced, drop-in sessions.

These classes are run by Boxing Ontario, Nationally-Certified Coaches. Participants will learn the technical movement and mechanics of boxing, along with being challenged physically in a whole new way. The classes offered at Kingsway Boxing are suitable for all fitness levels!

Students will be put through a series of drills, both technical and conditioning. The difficulty of the drills vary making classes challenging, however allowing those at lower fitness levels to pace themselves. Conditioning classes include full body conditioning and toning, combination drills and a minimum of 10 rounds of boxing and skipping. These classes will have you working the bag like a pro!

Special Note: We’re now offering Women’s Only Boxing Classes every Saturday – 10 am at THE HIGH PERFORMANCE STUDIOS | 3046 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON. Use the link below to reserve classes below.

Important Note: With physical distancing protocols in place, it’s important you read and agree to the KBC Guidelines BEFORE attending each class: Read KBC COVID Protocols


OPTION 1 – Reserve Classes Now: Use the “Reserve Classes” link and navigate to the class dates you would like to reserve. The system will guide you through the booking process.

OPTION 2 – Request Ongoing Enrollment: If there’s one or more class want to enroll for weekly, we can arrange ongoing enrollment. You can cancel the class reservation within 24 hours of the class without losing a session.

Adult Boxing (Ages 18+) — SMALL GROUP DROP-IN OPTIONS


  • Every Monday at 7:00pm
  • Every Tuesday at 8:00pm
  • Every Thursday at 6:00am and 8:00pm
  • Every Saturday at 9:00am

[BLOOR LOCTION] High Performance Studios | 3046 Bloor Street West

  • Every Monday at 8:15pm
  • [WOMEN ONLY] Every Saturday at 10:00am

Pricing Options:

  • 5 Class Starter Pack – $105.00
  • 10 Drop-In Classes – $225.00
  • 20 Drop-In Classes – $400.00


Here are a few things you should know before we get started: 


  • Line up outside and wait to be screened by your coach (ensure you’ve got your Daily Screening Tool Complete. Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the session starts.
  • Wear a mask when we first meet. You may take it off once you’ve been placed in your workout section and you begin your physical activity.
  • You will be required to sanitize your hands upon location entry before we start the session.
  • Maintain your 6’ separation when training unless you are with the same family or bubble group. Keep your masks handy in case you need to move outside of your allotted space or use the washroom facilities.
  • If you cannot make the session, please give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice in advance. This is important for contact tracing.
  • Please read full protocols: KBC COVID Protocols.


  •  Account Login: Ensure your information is updated so we can communicate any updates
  • Come dressed and ready to train, including your workout shoes. Change rooms are off limits due to COVID Protocols. If it’s a rainy day outside, please ensure you wipe your feet throughly
  • Bring a full water bottle
  • Avoid bringing large bags. But we know you may be coming from school, so we will have cubbies!


Program Update | Jennifer Huggins

Oct. 11/2020

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving Kingsway Boxing Family,

I’m contacting you directly today to clarify next steps following the announcement of the “Modified Phase 2” in Toronto, Ottawa and Peel Region. 

This announcement directly affects ALL Kingsway Boxing Members and Programs, however as a Licenced Club of Boxing Ontario, we WILL remain open until further notice. Read Official Boxing Ontario Statement

Please note the following steps that MUST be taken Before your next visit:

STEP 1 – Register For Boxing Ontario Recreational Licence ($25.00 Annually): (MANDATORY PHASE 1 & 2) This Licence will allow access to our facilities throughout Phase 2 and ensures the member is covered under the Kingsway Boxing Club & Boxing Ontario insurance.

Important Note: 2020 licences are valid until Dec. 31 2020. Competitive Boxers holding their Boxing Ontario Competitive Licence do not require the Recreational Licence.

  • Part A: REGISTER NOW – ALL Returning clients require this licence. *Note that Competitive Boxers holding their Boxing Ontario Competitive Licence do not require the Recreational Licence. This Licence ensures the member is covered under the Kingsway Boxing Club insurance.
  • Part B: COMPLETE FORM (attached) – Please complete the form and send to (use CamScanner for smartphones)

STEP 2 – Complete KBC Screening Tool BEFORE Every Visit: Complete Now & Save Link For Easy Access

Thank you for your patience and support, we appreciate it more than words!

In The Meantime, Keep Your Hands Up… And Clean! 👊

Best Regards,

LAST CALL: Fall 2020 Kingsway Boxing Programming


Please see below for more info about our Fall 2020 programming.

From youth programs to seasonal offerings, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to register now before space runs out. Thank you all for your support and patience as we navigate this new normal!

In The Meantime, Keep Your Hands Up… AND CLEAN 👊


KIDS 7+ CLASSES (Starts Sept. 8)

Offered Every Tuesday at 4:15 pm and Saturday at 10:00 am

We’re excited to re-introduce our Kids 7+ Classes as a physically-distanced program suitable for all levels. With limited space available.


Offered every Thursday at 5:15 pm and Saturday at 11:00 am

Participants can expect to learn the technical movement and mechanics of boxing, along with being challenged physically in a whole new way.


Offered every Thursday at 5:15pm and Saturday at 11:00 am

The Girls’ Youth Boxing Classes are run by Canadian National Coach and 3-Star International Referee, Jennifer Huggins. After recognizing the incredible impact the sport has had on her life, she felt it was necessary to share her passion with the youth of the community.



Adult Boxing Small Group Classes are physically-distanced sessions conducted at both Kingsway Boxing Club locations.

Our Small Group classes are run by Boxing Ontario, Nationally Certified Coaches. Participants can expect to learn the technical movement and mechanics of boxing, along with being challenged physically in a whole new way. The classes offered at Kingsway Boxing are suitable for all fitness levels!


Looking to get in for a safe alternative to group training? We’re now offering private training with out team of Personal Trainers and Nationally Certified Coaches!

Book in with a boxing coach to learn the essentials of boxing, or to get the best workout of your life. If you’re looking for a workout that incorporates weights and overall fitness, our roster of coaches are also nationally certified personal trainers.


MUSCLE + RUN PROGRAM (Starts Sept. 8)

Offered every Tuesday at 6:00 pm

Join Jo-Anne Sheffield, Kingsway Boxing High Performance Trainer and seasoned marathoner, in an outdoor group training session. Muscle + Run is a unique training system that incorporates strength training with running. All fitness and running levels are welcome and encouraged. Enjoy an outdoor group workout, meet new people, and get a great workout!


Offered every Wednesday at 4:00 pm

Power4Teens Fitness Program for Girls is brought to you by our fitness guru Shyanne McPherson at our High Performance Studios (3046 Bloor Street West). This program focuses on improving the function of both the mind and body to create improved physical fitness and mental positivity.


Offered every Wednesday at 6:00 pm

Learn the Art of 8 Limbs in this 6-week Kickboxing class with rockstar coach and instructor Jacqueline Walters. Heighten your cardio, improve your strength, and learn how to introduce elbows, knees and feet into your combative arsenal. Body-weight strength training accompanies Kickboxing skills development. Suitable for all levels.


Offered every Thursday at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Adapted to our new small group/physically-distanced format, HIIT Conditioning incorporates interval training, functional fitness, strength training, and stretching. Our exclusive HIIT Conditioning programs, brought to you by Jo-Anne Sheffield, are conducted at our fully-renovated High Performance Studio with select classes offered virtually for access anytime, anywhere!


Offered every Sunday at 4:00 pm

These classes are conducted virtually AND at our fully renovated High Performance Studios, incorporating head-to-toe stretching and strengthening. Slow Flow Hatha Yoga with Patricia Else is focused on recharging, refreshing and restoring.


Offered every Monday at 4:00 pm

This 6 week mobility program will improve your overall Stability, increase your Mobility, and lead you towards building better overall Strength from your existing workout. This program was developed by Jim Marinow, who is a Registered Massage Therapist/Fascial Stretch Therapist working with New Age Physio.

FUSION-FIT FOR WOMEN (Starts Sept. 15)

Offered every Tuesday at 9:30 am

Join Colleen Layug, our Fusion-Fit High Performance Specialist, in this 8-week physically-distanced program. Each and every class is unique and challenging. Open to all fitness levels. If you’re looking for a class that has real possibilities, sign up today!


The Kingsway Boxing Family has been back to training since June. As we build routines, it’s important to continue keeping our community safe! Please be aware of any possible symptoms and contact us if you’re unsure. Thank you for your support.

Staff and Clients may temporarily remove face coverings during physical activity — they’re only required to enter and exit the facility. However, keeping your face covered while training remains your personal option. Please discuss with your trainer before your next session.


Our #FTEC2021 Charity Boxing Gala Locked, Reloaded, And Scheduled For Saturday June 5, 2021

The Kingsway Boxing Family has been back to training since June. As we build routines, it’s important to continue keeping our community safe! Please be aware of any possible symptoms and contact us if you’re unsure. Thank you for your support.



Growing up, Phil attended some of the biggest boxing matches seen in Canada. 

In 2004, Phil stumbled into the sport when he met his coach at his local fitness club. Since that day, he has been a part the DNA that makes up the Kingsway Boxing family. 

Today, Phil spends his days with the Team KBC as a Senior Boxing Coach working with kids, teens, and adults.

He’s done it all: Competitive Boxing, coaching, and continuing to share the sport of boxing with his community. 

Certifications: Boxing Ontario Certified Coach, CPTN Personal Trainer, First Aid & CPR


Thursday Night Road Work Sessions are HERE! ALL MEMBERS WELCOME!

Calling all Thursday Boxers!

As we begin accommodating our Fight Team and Membership Programs, we’ve launched a Road Work Session on Thursdays at 6:15 pm.

Please note the following:

🥊 Boxers will meet outside of the gym at 6:15 pm

🥊 This will be conducted outside of our facility in a “Meetup” format (This is not a monitored class; athletes are given the drills before the warmup run and are expected to execute as a team)

🥊 Anyone registered for the scheduled classes have automatic access to the Roadwork

🥊 All Members have access to the roadwork sessions regardless of registration for conditioning classes

🥊 Running will happen rain or shine! This is preparation to get back into sparring and a major component of what you will need to build your aerobic and aerobic systems

🥊 Athletes who cannot run will work on technical boxing, strength and conditioning drills.

SCHEDULE CHANGES: Please ensure you have checked the KBC WhatsApp group in the case that the meetup is cancelled for that week. Request access to KBC WhatsApp Group


  • Dates: Every Thursday at 6:15 pm
  • Location: THE BOXING GYM | 22-B Jutland Rd
  • Program Cost: Free for existing members

Helpful Resources

14 Tips for running in the rain – Running 101

This article from Running 101 is a super handy resource for Road Work participants. Exercising in the rain doesn’t have to ruin your workout! And since these sessions are held rain or shine, these are some good tips to keep in mind, like how to prepare yourself, what to wear, and how to reframe your mindset.

Should You Exercise in the Rain? Science Says Yes –

This is another great article to reference when getting ready for a rainy-day workout. The article even cites scientists who claim that those who work out in the rain actually work harder and burn more calories. So, don’t see the dreary weather as a negative; it could help you perform at your peak!

Our Fall Newsletter is LIVE!

Dear KBC Family/Friends,

It’s hard to believe that Summer is almost over! Virgil, myself, and our team at Kingsway Boxing have been working hard since re-opening, to navigate and prepare for our Fall 2020 programming. 

We hope you’re all keeping well and want to reassure you that our Kingsway Boxing COVID Protocols & Procedures have been developed with your safety in mind.

We’re now offering physically-distanced private and small group training under the Boxing Ontario COVID Taskforce/Ontario Government safety & sanitization protocols. Kingsway Boxing will also continue offering virtual classes for those not returning immediately. 

And our specialty seasonal enrolments are now open for registration! If you’re having trouble finding a class to accommodate your schedule, we also offer private training from 5am — 10pm daily.

Thank you all for your support and patience as we navigate this new normal!

In The Meantime, Keep Your Hands Up… AND CLEAN! 👊

Jennifer Huggins, Kingsway Boxing Club