Self Testing for Restrictions, “ Try this at Home”

Self Testing for Restrictions, “ Try this at Home”

Written by Jim Marinow a Registered Massage Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Tui Na Practitioner at Trilogy Physiotherapy.

First off, you will need a 12 foot ladder, a blindfold, a pair of flip flops and some bacon grease…… oops sorry, that’s the Intro to Parkour article.

As a therapist, whenever I treat an injury I always want to know “the why’.  When a patient tells me that something hurts, I want to know why that muscle, ligament, tendon or joint failed to perform. Understanding the cause makes it easier to both treat the injury and prevent its recurrence.

In practice, this looks like something along the lines of, “OK, so now that we have that injury feeling better, here is the exercise(s) you should do before every workout to keep it from getting re-injured’.

An absolute best case scenario is when I can identify ‘an injury’  before it happens. Sound like Voodoo?  Not really.

Weakness, imbalances in strength, or excessive tightness are all warning signs that if you place that structure (joint, muscle, ligament) under weight-bearing stress or repeated use, it may result in a painful tear or just gradually develop into an area of chronic injury.

Our bodies are remarkable mechanisms. When we ask them to run, they run, if we want them to throw a punch or a ball, they will perform. The problem is, that if one of the muscles (or joints) that is supposed to be involved in that movement pattern is not fully up to the task, then something else will take over to perform that movement for you. While this sounds great, it can easily lead to dysfunction and pain when a stabilizer muscle is trying to do the work of a driver’s muscle, YIKES!

Preventative maintenance: (Prehab) is always way easier and far more pleasurable than treating an injury (Rehab).

As a part of my practice, I offer my patients a comprehensive assessment that takes into consideration the activity/sport and then identifies any vulnerabilities. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to integrate the necessary stretch, strengthening or activation exercise into your warm-up or warm down that will help keep you moving optimally and pain-free.

Try this at home:

  1. Stand barefoot with your feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Slowly raise your Right knee to just above hip level as you stretch your right arm up above your head towards the ceiling
  3. Hinge at the hip and start to bend forward (Keeping your spine in a straight line) as you reach your right hand down towards the floor, simultaneously stretch your right leg back towards the wall behind you keeping it parallel to the floor.
  4. Touch the floor with your right hand about 12 inches in front of your foot (feel free to bend your left knee to get down there)
  5. Slowly return to start position and repeat 5 times without letting your right foot touch the floor
  6. Repeat on the left.


Was one side stronger or more balanced than the other?

Were you unable to perform the exercise at all?

Were you wobbling a lot through the movement?

Did your support knee move from side to side as you reached for the floor?

Was anything painful or uncomfortable through the movement (Knee, Hip, Ankle)?


If you struggled with the exercise, that’s fine, it’s not supposed to be easy. If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be experiencing some instability or weakness that can become problematic when you run, squat, lunge or climb.

Manual Therapy/Massage Therapy can help to activate a muscle that has stopped doing its job or is taking a temporary break. Releasing tension in muscles adjacent to an area of instability also helps get movement patterns to normalize, and will make your stretching routine far more productive.

Book an assessment to get the most out of your time at the gym or at your chosen Sport.


Jim Marinow is a Registered Massage Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Tui Na practitioner. He can be found at Trilogy Physiotherapy and Trilogy at Kingsway Boxing



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To Stretch or Not to Stretch! And how much?

To Stretch or Not to Stretch! And how much?

Written by Jim Marinow a Registered Massage Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Tui Na Practitioner at Trilogy Physiotherapy.

Well….. that all depends. Flexibility is important when it comes to healthy joint function as we take our body through various planes of movement (after long periods of sitting) Taking the time to stretch is great, but making the most of how you stretch is even better.

The stretch before an activity is best done as a dynamic (or moving) stretch. This means, taking whatever muscle groups you will be using, through movements similar to your intended activity.

As an example, if your activity is running your warm-up might include: standing on one leg and touching the floor, followed by gentle walking lunges.

The first part (standing on one leg and doing floor touches) helps to initiate the weight transfer that happens during running and ‘wakes up’ the ankle, knee and hip. The second part (walking lunges) help to activate the Quads, Glutes and Hamstrings, get some blood moving to those muscles. Add in a couple more moving stretches and you have sent the message to your muscles and joints that say ‘Hey its time to work!’

The type of stretch after an activity that is most useful is a static stretch. This is the stretch that you hold for a longer period of time and relax into. As an example: a seated hamstring stretch, where you reach for your toes and hold can be a part of a great injury prevention strategy.

Aggressive static stretching causes muscles to get protective about being forced into a stretch and create unwanted tightness. Listen to your body, take your stretch to the very first “barrier” (this is where you feel a gentle pull?) and breathe. Hold until you either no longer feel the stretch or feel less stretch. This may take up to 2 minutes.

My rules for stretching

  • Pre-game: Dynamic (moving)
  • Postgame: Static (holding)
  • Less is more, keep it gentle,
  • Find the first barrier of stretch and hold
  • Hold until you feel a ‘relax’


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How to ‘Save your Neck’, after all, it holds your head up!

How to ‘Save your Neck’, after all, it holds your head up!

Written by Jim Marinow a Registered Massage Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Tui Na Practitioner at Trilogy Physiotherapy.

We all tend to slump a bit at our desk, we look down into our lap to view the screen on our handheld device, and our chin pitches forward a little when we drive….Yikes!

When your chin moves forward and your shoulders ‘round’ inward, a number of unpleasant things happen at your neck and shoulders.

For every 15 degrees that our head comes forward (from upright), there is roughly 15lbs of pressure exerted on the cervical spine (your neck). So, at 45 degrees of ‘forward pitch’, (which is roughly where your head is when looking down at your handheld device), you have the equivalent of a 4-year-old child sitting on top of your head.

Most of us do this for over 1,000 hours a year!

This can lead to a complex of problems known as Upper Crossed Syndrome: The muscles of the upper back become over-active and strained, while the chest muscles become shortened and tight which eventually leads to headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and postural disorders.

The fix: The best position for sitting at your desk is movement! Standing work stations are great but don’t try standing all day. The magic to diminishing the ill effects your desk is to keep changing your position.

For example:

Sit for a while and try to be mindful of your posture, as soon as you notice yourself slouching, move to a standing position,

If you take a phone call, walk around while you are talking.

Go back to sitting for a while, then return to standing with one foot elevated on a couple of books (be nicer than that to your books and use a low box).

Getting regular manual therapy to help the process along is also a great idea to helping keep your neck and shoulders healthy. The hands-on release of Trigger Points (Knots) in your neck and shoulders, enables those muscles to move through their intended Ranges of Motion, have better circulation and allow your body to feel relaxed while maintaining good posture.

Our muscles instinctively move away from pain and discomfort, so if a muscle is tight, sore, and ‘talking’ (or screaming) at you, your body will try to move into a position that avoids discomfort. Massage therapy removes the discomfort and allows your muscles to maintain great posture without struggling.

In my practice, I provide manual therapy to release tight and overexerted muscles. I also activate muscles that have been weakened by underuse and I teach my patients simple and effective exercises that can be done in the office or at home to help offset the postural problems which are associated with sitting for long periods of time.



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The Ultimate Ab Workout for Men

The Ultimate Ab Workout for Men

If you look at a list of body parts men want to tone, somewhere up near the top, you’ll see abs. Sure, bulging biceps would be great, and you probably wouldn’t mind pecs that pop either. But abs — those elusive, sculpted, six-pack symbol of hyper-fitness — are universally sought on any fitness list. And yet, there is a cottage industry selling misguided, haphazard ab advice. The best abs workouts for men are pretty hard to come by.

We recommend the following top 5:

Flutter Kick

Lie on your back, legs extended, heels about 6 inches off the ground. Place your hands by your sides or under the small of your back for support. Begin to scissor your legs up and down, as if you are doing the backstroke in the pool. Flutter kick for 20 seconds, rest 10, then do 20 seconds more.

Leg Drop

Lie on your back on the floor, legs straight up in the air, feet together. Place your hands by your sides or under the small of your back for support. Without bending your knees, lower your legs to just above the floor, then raise them back to their vertical position. Do 10 reps, rest 10 seconds, then do another 10 reps.

Russian Twist

Grab an 8-10 pound medicine ball or dumbbell. Sit on the floor, knees bent, feet flat in front of you. Hold the weight with both hands, arms straight in front of your chest. Lean back so that your body is at 45 degrees (mid-situp position). Twist to the right, letting your arms swing over to your right side. Twist back to the left, letting arms swing to the left side of your body. That’s one rep. Do 10 reps, rest 10 seconds. Do 3 sets.


Get into an extended pushup position, then lower yourself to your elbows. Keeping your body in a straight line from head to toe, hold the position for 60 seconds. For variations on the theme, try a side plank (prop yourself up on one elbow, then raise your hips off the ground to create a straight line from your feet to your shoulders).

See our October #KBCChallenge – PLANKS


Sit on the floor, knees bent, feet flat in front of you. Place a medicine ball between your feet. Lean back and lift your feet off the floor, straightening your legs until your weight is balanced in a V position. From here, either hold this position for 30 seconds, or for a more advanced challenge, bend and straighten your legs while maintaining the V-hold. Relax, then repeat.

For a longer list please click here

Fighting-Fit For Guys, Every Thursday, at our High-Performance Studio 7:30 PM

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Are You Up To The Challenge? October PLANKS!!!

Are You Up To The Challenge? Kingsway Boxing Club Is Featuring A Monthly Challenge… For A Great Cause!

#KBCchallenge October 2019 – PLANKS

As our fall season is in full swing we thought we’d set up a series of monthly challenges to motivate you on a daily basis. Because moving EVERY DAY is important to building and maintaining optimal health and fitness.

Our first challenge for the month of October is a PLANK challenge. You can get your plank done in a class at home, at the office or in the gym, we just want you to get it done! Click here for a printable version.

Here’s how it works:

Follow the chart and record how many days you completed a plank. Those who complete the chart AND can hold the plank longer than the allotted 2:00 minute maximum will be challenged even further. You will have to do a plank with another person present (for verification) and send us a photo of you doing the plank and your final time. The person who can hold a plank the longest will win a pair of Fight To End Cancer boxing gloves and be featured on KBC social media!

High Performance coach Jo-Anne demonstrating a perfect PLANK


More Info

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Kingsway Boxing Club + Trilogy Physiotherapy = We’ve Got You Covered!

Kingsway Boxing Club + Trilogy Physiotherapy = We’ve Got You Covered!

Kingsway Boxing is proud to officially partner with Trilogy Physiotherapy, Welcome Team Trilogy!

The team at Trilogy Physiotherapy are top-notch and experts in their field. Already established in Downtown Toronto, with a second location right here in The Kingsway, Trilogy brings many years of experience and advanced techniques for treating athletes and sports enthusiasts of all kinds. In September, Trilogy Physiotherapy was nominated as one of the Top 10 physiotherapy clinics in Toronto, and Jason Gallant (clinic founder) as one of the Top 10 physiotherapists. Hundreds voted, & the results are finally in! Congratulations Trilogy Physiotherapy and Jason for this incredible achievement.

Learn more about our coaching and physiotherapy team and services,
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Currently Booking Appointments With Trilogy Physiotherapy At KINGSWAY BOXING HIGH-PERFORMANCE STUDIOS | 3046 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON. 

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Jason Gallant

Registered Physiotherapist
Clinic Director – Trilogy Physiotherapy

Jason is clinic director and co-owner at Trilogy Physiotherapy. He brings years of experience from various sports and orthopaedic clinics in the GTA. Jason graduated with dual Bachelor degrees in Physical & Health Education and Biology from Queen’s University. From there, he completed a Master of Science Physical Therapy degree, also from Queen’s.

He is licensed and registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and the Ontario Physiotherapy Association, with a special interest in orthopaedic and sports medicine. Jason has furthered his skills by completing post-graduate courses in medical acupuncture, integrated dry needling, and manual therapy. More about Jason

“Our performance therapy helps you recover from injury and allows you to train and perform at your best.”

Jim Marinow

Registered Massage Therapist

Jim has over 20 years of experience working with professional, competitive, and recreational athletes as well as non-athletes who are experiencing pain or limitation of movement. His practice includes RMT (Registered Massage Therapist), FST (Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapy), Tui Na (Chinese Massage), Chinese Cupping and Strength training as a means to get you past whatever injury or instability you may have.

After winding down his own competitive career in combative ring sports and distance running, Jim went on to coach The Canadian National K1 Team 2009-2014 and now works with individual athletes on enhancing performance, and injury prevention. Jim likes long walks on the beach, kitchen food experiments (disasters), travel and is now hooked on mountain biking.

Trilogy specializes in sports therapies, advanced massage & registered physiotherapy focusing on the needs and goals of Toronto’s active community.

So, next time you are at the studio be sure to pop downstairs and say hello to the team, especially if you require any of the following:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Registered massage therapy
  • Fascial stretch therapy
  • Cupping
  • Acupuncture/dry needling
  • Personal exercise programs and training
  • Athletic taping
All services are covered by extended health benefit plans for physiotherapy and massage therapy. 

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True Champions In and Out of The Ring, Kingsway Boxing Club Welcomes JOSHUA BUATSI & DEEDRA CHESTNUT

The entire KBC crew came out to welcome these incredible athletes as they shared their journeys and some excellent advice amongst our boxers.


Deedra Chestnut and Joshua Buatsi stopped by the gym to speak to the Kingsway Boxing Club youth and elite boxing teams.

Last Tuesday, British Olympic Medalist, Joshua Buatsi and past Canadian National Boxer Deedra Chestnut, spent the afternoon talking with our youth, and later our elite boxers. Both athletes are incredibly humble, wise and inspiring. As they spoke with the teams, you could feel the dedication they both have for boxing and it was clear how much they bring to the sport. You could also see the inspiration in everyone’s eyes as you looked around the room as they told their stories. Deedra and Joshua described their journeys and what’s next for them. Following their talk, both champions hung out at the gym, watching our athletes show off their talents offering tips to the aspiring athletes.

Thank you to both for inspiring greatness amongst our youth and elite boxer! It was so amazing to hear their boxing stories and how the hard work and dedication continues to pay off for these athletes.

Our youth boxers hanging onto every word.


Joshua Buatsi (born 14 March 1993), is a Ghanaian-born British professional boxer. He competed at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the light heavyweight division, winning an Olympic bronze medal.[1] He turned professional on 5 June 2017, signing with Matchroom Boxing. He is managed by former heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua.


Deedra Chestnut, Canadian Born Amateur Boxer, will be training her heart out as she prepares for the African games in 4.5 weeks. Deedra is honored to be the first women to represent Sierra Leone at ANY international competition ever. Keep your eyes on this one, as it won’t be the last you see of her or Joshua.

Deedra is seen here in the red, smiling proudly.


Beginner Muay Thai Program

Brought to you by professional MMA fighter, Melissa Karagianis, Beginner Muay Thai Program is a 60-minute coed Muay Thai class. You will be taught beginner to intermediate techniques. Muay Thai is known as the science of eight limbs meaning you use your shins, fist, elbows, and knees.

Throughout the six-week program, you will learn proper striking technique, improve your cardio and full-body conditioning.   This class is fun, interactive and challenging.

BONUS – All will get a free access membership to our Boxing Gym Location during open training hours for the duration of the program!

  • The Workout: The  beginners Muay Thai Program is filled with fun boxing and Martial Arts drills. These classes will include a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement exercises. You will get EVERYTHING you need!
  • Time Efficient Training. Our classes are 60 minutes in length. Get you in and get you out. We keep you moving and burning fat from the first minute to the very end!
  • NEVER Plateau! The body hates change! It would much rather do the same thing every minute of every day. Well, we have news for you…when you do the same exercise routine day in and day out you stop seeing results or “plateau.” Throughout our classes, we utilize the principle of muscle confusion. You will NEVER do the same workout twice! Why is this good? Because…your body will never adapt and you will never plateau! You will get results and they will come quick and continue to come!
  • Positive Energy: Our programs are about a team environment where both your trainers and fellow teammates motivate and challenge you to reach your highest potential!
  • KBC Family: Make new friends and become a part of the Kingsway Boxing – Muay Thai Family! Everyone supports each other and it’s an experience like none other. Come and see for yourself! Get fit and have fun!

Program Options

BBC EXCLUSIVE: Excluded From School: How Boxing Helps Teenagers With ADHD


These teenagers all have ADHD and have been excluded from mainstream school. Here they tell how the sport of boxing is helping them channel their excess energy and improve their life skills.

In an amateur boxing gym in Barry, 14-year-old Levi is tugging on his boxing gloves, ready to join his friends in training.

Some are already practicing in the ring, aiming jabs and uppercuts.

Others are punching the bags or skipping as music plays in the background and the smell of sweat and chalk permeates the air.

Levi is a fighter.

He always has been. In fact, he has been excluded from school twice for disobedient behaviour.

Read More

Join our Co-Ed Teen Summer and Fall classes every Saturday from 11:15 am-12: 00 pm at Kingsway Boxing Club.

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TORONTO.COM EXCLUSIVE: Enter The Ring In South Etobicoke

Gabriel Pietrangelo keeps his hands up during a training session in the ring at the Kingsway Boxing Club.

TORONTO.COM EXCLUSIVE: Enter The Ring In South Etobicoke slips on the gloves and goes a few rounds

Geoff Britnell works with a double-ended bag during a training session at the Kingsway Boxing Club.

Coach Jennifer Huggins (left) uses focus mitts to train with Vinni Kana at the Kingsway Boxing Club.

The “sweet science” is practiced in the “squared circle,” also known as “the ring.” In south Etobicoke, budding pugilists hone their skills at Kingsway Boxing Club. The club offers competitive and recreational boxing programs, that aim to take athletes to the next level of competition. Kingsway’s mission is to help improve every athlete that takes up the game, regardless of their sporting goals. The coaching staff has real-world boxing experience, that they share with each and every athlete in training.

Read Full Story

Coach Virgil Barrow (right) works with a fighter in the ring at the Kingsway Boxing Club.

Great Opportunity For RMT’s and Physiotherapists In the Heart Of The Kingsway

Are you a Registered Massage Therapist, Osteopath or Physiotherapist looking to take the next step to set up your own practice?

Location:  Kingsway Boxing Club | THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE STUDIOS | 3046 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON.

Our High-Performance Studio is modern, professional, welcoming, and inclusive. Our team focus on booking and maintaining a busy schedule along with providing the clinical support you need. This is a perfect opportunity to establish a new business or build on an existing one while becoming a part of the family here at Kingsway Boxing Club.


  • Private Room in the heart of the Kingsway appropriate for RMT, Physiotherapy, etc. Nutrition
  • Turnkey client databasing
  • Set your own hours


We have a consistent patient flow due to our medical doctors and specialist team. Flexible schedule, comprehensive and competitive compensation package


Performing high-quality treatments with a complete focus on patient care, maintaining a strong and collaborative working relationship with your colleagues.

If you are interested in working in a sport therapy, patient-focused team atmosphere, we would love to hear from you.

Position Type: Contract/Partnership

Inquiries Contact: Jennifer Huggins | 416-234-0075 |

[POST-EVENT RELEASE] POUND-FOR-POUND: Heavyweight Works by Fight To End Cancer Artists: A Knockout Success

POUND-FOR-POUND: Heavyweight Works by Fight To End Cancer Artists: A Knockout Success

On May 7th, in partnership with Steam Whistle and FUJIFILM Canada, The Fight To End Cancer held their inaugural Pound-For-Pound: Heavyweight Works by Fight To End Cancer Artists gallery launch event.  The event was hosted at the fantastic Steam Whistle Gallery in the heart of Toronto.  The show features approximately 30 photos donated by talented members of the Fight To End Cancer family, printed on metal, by our newest photo  partners at Fujifilm Print Life.

Our exhibit photographers will be exhibiting 1-5 pieces on site at the Steam Whistle Gallery for the month of May and on our online auction open to the world at 

Exhibit Photographers:  Spencer Wynn, Virgil Barrow, Rebecca Freeman, Chris Small, Matteo Forgione, Jeff McNeill, Chris Hominuk, Kaitlyn Black, Sandi Ralph, Krissy Turriff,  Mette-Margrethe Nielsen (view bios and preview photos).

(article continues below photos)

For the first time ever, Fight To End Cancer is holding an online auction open to the public.  Our 2019 auction, presented by Humbertown Jewellers, is now open to the public and also features our Pound-For-Pound Photo Exhibit live at the Steam Whistle for the month of May!

Place Bids Now

100% funds collected from the Fight To End Cancer Auction Items is donated to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Don’t miss your chance to secure your item!

Virgil Barrow, exhibit feature photographer, picked up the camera only three short years ago. He is not only  incredible behind the the camera, but is also the force behind training the Fight To End Cancer fight team, year after year.
Photo Credit: Alisia DeMelo

Matteo Forgione, 16 year old Pound-For-Pound photographer, made the first sale of the exhibit when Allison Dellandrea (FTEC2017 Fighter) donated $300 for his piece.
Photo Credit: Alisia DeMelo

Krissy Turriff and Chris Small pose with ‘Indonesian Sweet-T’. Both Krissy and Chris are feature photographers in the Pound-For-Pound Photo Exhibit

The launch event saw over 200 art and cancer research supporters who came together to enjoy live music, food, art, drinks and some inspirational words, all in support of a great cause.  The guests also had a chance to win some prizes and purchase some great pieces.  Each of the beautiful pieces on display in the gallery are for sale, with all proceeds going to the Fight to End Cancer benefiting The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

The night was kicked off with a great set by Soda Blue, welcoming guests as they arrived.  Once inside and enjoying the music, the crowd was able to enjoy tasty appetizers paired with Steam Whistle Pilsner or a selection of wine, as they perused the fantastic art.

(article continues below photos)

The night was kicked off with a great set by our official FTEC band, Soda Blue!
Photo Credit: Alisia DeMelo

In addition to the photos on display, the guests were treated to a live painting demonstration by the very talented artist Grace Miah. The incredible piece will be featured in our online charity auction until May 31!
Photo Credit Alisia DeMelo

Beyond the art and fun, the crowd was reminded why we chose to fight with inspirational words from Jim Mosher of Landscape Plus, each of the contributing artists in attendance and the incomparable Jennifer Huggins, founder of Fight To End Cancer.
Photo Credit: Alisia DeMelo

The inaugural Pound-For-Pound photo gallery event hosted by Steam Whistle, was a huge success and has generated thousands of dollars for the Fight To End Cancer.  Artists are already asking about next year’s gallery.
Photo Credit: Alisia DeMelo

View Event Album

In addition to the photos on display, the guests were treated to a live painting demonstration by the very talented artist Grace Miah.  Grace’s wonderful painting, along with a striking mixed media piece, the photos on display in the gallery and some additional pieces, are all available for purchase through the online auction site. (

In addition to raffle tickets, for a chance to win prize packs from the Fight To End Cancer and Steam Whistle, guests could purchase Fight To End Cancer tie bars and lapel pins from our friends at Grafton Apparel.  Their annual campaign, which has raised over $235,000, continues now through to the end of June.  You can visit any of their stores including Tip Top Tailors, George Richards and Mr. Big & Tall Menswear and for a $20 donation pickup a tie bar or lapel pin.

Beyond the art and fun, the crowd was reminded why we chose to fight, with inspirational words from Jim Mosher of Landscape Plus, each of the contributing artists in attendance and the incomparable Jennifer Huggins.

The inaugural event was a huge success and is already generating thousands of dollars for the Fight To End Cancer with artists already asking about next year’s gallery.  If you didn’t make it to this year’s launch event, you can still go visit our friends at Steam Whistle and enjoy a tasty beverage while enjoying the photos.  The show runs through until the end of May.

Important Links:

Fight to End Cancer: Visit Fight To End Cancer
Steam Whistle Brewing: More About The Roundhouse Gallery
Gallery Tickets: Free

Important Dates:
–> Official Media Day: Thurs. May 23, 2019 6pm – 8pm | Request Media Access
–> 2019 Charity Boxing Gala: Sat. June 1, 2019 5pm – 11 pm | Old Mill Toronto Request Media Access

About The Fight To End Cancer

The Fight To End Cancer (FTEC) is a year round initiative carried out by ambassadors, sponsors and volunteers worldwide.  Over $1,000,000 has been donated to date since our inaugural year in 2012.  Funds raised by FTEC are donated directly to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  Each year we celebrate the incredible hard work and dedication of our FTEC family with a black-tie charity boxing gala.  This gala showcases ten men and women who represent our Official Fight Team.  Our goal is to raise funds for cancer research year-round with the support of the local community and business owners.  Let’s make a difference now in the fight to end cancer for a long and successful future for everyone.  This is an event like no other and has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in Toronto.

About The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation at University Health Network raises funds for breakthrough research, exemplary teaching and compassionate care at Princess Margaret Hospital and its research arm, the Ontario Cancer Institute, which now includes The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute and The Campbell Family Breast Cancer Research Institute. More information about the Foundation can be found at

About Steam Whistle | visit online

The Steam Whistle story begins in the spring of 1998 with three friends on a canoe trip through Ontario’s beautiful heartland.

Greg Taylor, Cam Heaps and Greg Cromwell had been colleagues at one of Canada’s premier microbreweries in the late 1980’s and 90’s, before it was bought out by a national brewer and closed down, like so many of Ontario’s independent breweries.  As they sat around the campfire, the self-named “Three Fired Guys” dreamed of running their own brewery one day—one that would make a Pilsner to compete with the best in the world.

Over the past two decades, Steam Whistle has grown from a dream hatched by the fireside into one of Canada’s largest and most beloved independent breweries.  But our Founders’ vision of creating a Pilsner Canadians can be proud of is still the driving force behind why we show up every day.

About Fujifilm |

We are excited to be the official photo printing partner for the Fight To End Cancer.  Since the 1930’s, Fujifilm has been developing film technology and suppling the world with its legendary film stock. Over the past 65 years, Fujifilm papers have been used to create, document and preserve moments in world events and in people’s lives.

Today, as a world leader in advanced imaging technology, Fujifilm has never strayed from its roots. Fujifilm’s Print Life business is printing fine art metal enlargements for the Fight To End Cancer art exhibit. This technology and the wow-factor these prints provide are available to everyone online, not just for the exhibit. Visit our web site to see how you can create works of art just as beautiful as those being displayed at the Steam Whistle gallery for the Fight To End Cancer. We look forward to an exciting fight this year and will look forward to all the special moments in the coming years. 

Shireen Fabing To Compete in ALL WOMEN Boxing Tournament | West Coast Wonder Women

Photo Credit: Virgil Barrow

Shireen Fabing To Compete in ALL WOMEN Boxing Tournament | West Coast Wonder Women

Kingsway Boxing Club is cheering on one of our own, Shireen Fabing. Help us cheer her on as she embarks on an amazing journey.

“After participating in the second annual Fight to End Cancer back in 2013 I thought, ‘just one more, one club fight’ and then I would have the experience of a big fancy gala and a regular club show.  Who would have thought, here I am training for my 10th sanctioned bout and it’s my first out of province match – actually first time travelling anywhere outside of the GTA to compete.”

Born in Capetown, South Africa and raised by a single mom for most of her life, Shireen Fabing helped to her raise her younger brother and sister.

Shireen started her career in Public Relations/Marketing in Cape Town. She and her husband moved to Canada in 2002 to be close to family where she continued her PR work. Shireen went back to college and one day found herself covering exciting events and concerts for a few years.

A friend talked Shireen into going to a boxing conditioning class with her 10 years ago and she was hooked. After years of training, she entered her first amateur fight in 2013 where she took part in the Fight To End Cancer That year she fought for her surviving “second mom” in South Africa and others touch by cancer.

2013 was a year of firsts, she also became a mom, adopting an 18 month old girl. “Life has changed in so many amazing ways, what an incredible journey. She’s my ray of sunshine and my light at the end of every tunnel.”

Shireen recently lost another significant person in her life to cancer. Together with her own family and her boxing family, she is more determined than ever to help “kick cancer’s ass”.

SHIREEN FUN FACT: According to her husband, people think Shireen has the hardest, meanest looking mug, but what they don’t know is that she has a huge heart and that she is really a softie!

All female International boxing cards are few and far between. Worldwide there are only 5, with West Coast Wonder Women being one of them. This event is highly regarded in the amateur female boxing world. Female bouts are hard to find as female boxers aren’t as prevalent as male boxers. We want to change that and redefine the historical and societal perceptions of who defines as a boxer.

On the card, there will be a wide variety of athletes in the sense of experience. Everything from brand new athletes, getting into the ring for the first time, to National Champions. There will be all ages, from as young as 7yrs old to as old as possible! Boxing isn’t geared towards any specific size, as we will have flyweights to heavyweights with everything in between.

“When I found boxing (or boxing found me), for a while I thought “why didn’t I find this sport earlier in life” but as I began to progress, that thought is now a distant memory.  I believe we found each other at the right time.  Boxing is on the rise.  Women’s boxing is on the rise and I’m living it now.  The opportunity to showcase all the hard work leading up to the big moments will always be the bonus for me along with demonstrating that we are capable of accomplishing anything we put our minds to.  I can burst with gratitude when I think about the journey to date.  Hasn’t always been easy and there’s still quite a bit of hard work ahead and I’m so ready.  Let’s not forget the dope factor here – I’m going to fight on an all-female card with boxers as young as 9 years old all the way up to 50+.  That, is an opportunity in itself and a true testament that we can do anything  put our minds to regardless of age!”

~ Shireen ‘The Machine’ Fabing | Amateur  Boxer, Kingsway Boxing Club

Sooke Community Hall | 2037 Shields Road, Sooke, British Columbia

  • Friday, May 17th @ 7 pm
  • Saturday, May 18th @  noon
  • Sunday, May 19th @ noon

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Muscle Run is a unique training system that incorporates strength training with running.

Muscle Run is a unique training system that incorporates strength training with running. Led by TeamKBC’s own coach Jo-Anne Sheffield, a seasoned runner and fitness professional, this weekly group workout provides both cardio and muscle conditioning benefits. All fitness levels are welcome!
Time / Place:

Each session is 60 minutes. Some sessions may go longer depending on the number and pace of runners. The session begins and ends at the KBC High-Performance Studio on Bloor St. W.

We will run rain or shine so come dressed to run in all weather conditions.

Our workout will include:

  • dynamic warmup
  • functional exercises using minimal or no equipment
  • Running 3 – 5km max. (various paces will be accommodated)
  • cool down and stretch

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